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Publications in Peer-reviewed Academic

A new player in the international development community? Chile as an emerging donor. Development Policy Review (forthcoming). Joint with Alexis Gutierrez. VoxLACEA article. Version in Spanish.


Forced displacement and behavioral change: An empirical study of returnee households in the Nuba Mountains Defence and Peace Economics (forthcoming).  Joint with Asha Abdel Rahim and Aleksi Ylönen. VoxEU article. Also available as Households in Conflict Network Working Paper 157.


Missing links, missing markets: Evidence of the transformation process in the economic networks of Gambian villages World Development, Volume 66,  February 2015, Pages 645–664. Also available as MPRA Working paper No.55758. Reviews of the paper: M. Bellemare, Dev. Therapy.


Multilateral Determinants of Regionalism Revisited The Review of International Organizations, Volume 9, Issue 2, June 2014, Pages 163-203. Joint with Katerina Gradeva. The data use in the paper can be found in the online supplementary material.


Are Free Trade Agreements contagious? Journal of International Economics, Volume 88, Issue 1, September 2012, Pages 1–16 (lead article). Joint with Richard Baldwin. Also available as NBER Working Paper No.16084. VoxEU Article. Related data: Contagion Index and FTAs.


A Bayesian spatial probit estimation of Free Trade Agreement contagion.  Applied Economics Letters, Volume 19, Number 6, 2012, Pages 579–583.


Public Debt Around the World: A New Dataset of Central Government Debt. Applied Economics Letters, Volume 17, Number 1, 2010, Pages 19-24. Joint with Ugo Panizza. Data.


The unexplained part of public debt. Emerging Markets Review, Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2006, pages 228-243. Joint with Camila Campos and Ugo Panizza. VoxEU Article.


Working Papers

Does ethnic diversity decrease economic interactions? Evidence from exchange networks in rural Gambia (under revision). Last version: December 2014. Joint with Jean-Louis Arcand. Also available as MPRA Working paper No.60497.


Macrostructure and microstructure: Evidence from overlapping village networks in The Gambia. Last version: May 2011. Data available upon request. 


Trade at the Extensive Margin and Civil Wars in Africa. Joint with Dick Kamuganga. Presented at CSAE conference 2012. STATA code for clogit2 used to calculate two-way clustered standard errors for conditional logit in the paper.


Impacts of Two-Tier Labor Market Reforms: A Cross-country study with heterogeneous industries. Joint with Yiu Por (Vincent) Chen. Last version: May 2012.


Procyclicality or reverse causality? Joint with Ugo Panizza. Available as IADB-RES Working Paper No.599 (2007). Related Data: Real external shock (IV).


Policy Papers

Three decades of trade policy in Uganda: two generations of reforms in the quest to become part of the global market. FREIT Working Paper 437 (2012). Joint with Dick Kamuganga.


The Gambia Community Driven Development Program Baseline: Rural Household Survey, Qualitative Survey, Village Network Survey. March 2010 (final report, various authors).


La industria de la biotecnología silvoagropecuaria: Una oportunidad para el desarrollo del sector en Chile. (In Spanish, with Juan Carlos Vera). Foundation for the Agricultural Innovation (FIA) and BioEnlaces, 2004.


History of Economic Thought in Chile

¿Por qué la justa apreciación del trabajo es la verdadera democracia? Introduction and biographical note (In Spanish) for the first re-edition of “El porvenir del hombre” by Pedro Félix Vicuña (originally published in 1858). Biblioteca Fundamentos de la Construcción de Chile, 2010.


Proteccionismo versus librecambio: Discusión pública en los albores del Chile independiente. (In Spanish, with Andrea Flores) Last version: March, 2007.


Cosechando antes de la siembra: Fisonomía del pensamiento económico en los primeros años del Chile independiente. (In Spanish, with Andrea Flores) Last version: May, 2002. Also available as MPRA Working paper 72637.