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The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is among the largest economics faculties in Germany with an impressive research record and a strong tradition.

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In the Departments’ seminar series, external as well as internal researchers bring their latest research results up for discussion.

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Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln analyzes global differences in working behavior. She mainly attributes the fact that German wives work relatively few hours to the German joint taxation scheme for married couples.

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Michael Kosfeld shows that decision-makers often neglect the relationship of costs and benefits when the costs are dispersed among many individuals

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Helmut Gründl about the challenges life insurers face with respect to premature termination of insurance policies in a negative interest rate environment

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Date Speaker Topic Category
06 Dec 2016 Andreas Mueller (Columbia Business School) Wage Dispersion and Search Behavior: The Importance of Non-Wage Job Values
Frankfurt Macro Seminar
06 Dec 2016 Oliver Spalt, Tilburg University Diversity Investing
Finance Seminar
07 Dec 2016 Peter Schober Dynamic Portfolio Choice with Annuities when the Interest Rate is Stochastic
Finance Brown Bag Seminar
07 Dec 2016 Dirk Schindler, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) Capital Taxation and Imperfect Competition: ACE vs CBIT
Applied Microeconomics and Organization Seminar