Studying at Campus Westend

Goethe University's Campus Westend offers a superb environment for your studies, with state-of-the-art facilities. Take a look at "Germany's most beautiful campus."

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Via one simple interface, you can now search for publications of the entire faculty or individual departments and scholars. One-click shortcuts take you to selected publications. Each author's profile page includes an overview of the current working papers. The database ist also available on mobile devices.

Research at the Faculty of Economics & Business Administration

Theoretical analysis, openness to a wide range of theoretical, practical and socio-political issues as well as the close relationship of business and economic thinking stands for economic research at the Goethe University.

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Students at Goethe University's Faculty of Economics and Business Administration enjoy the highest educational standards, enhanced by specialized opportunities to suit their individual needs. More

What? When? Where? So that you can organize your studies optimally, we have put together all of the relevant information  on examinations, credits, etc.

For the opening hours of the Examination Office, see Service and Contact; important forms are available under Downloads.

The traditional doctoral procedure is increasingly being replaced by participation in a structured Ph.D. or graduate program. These research programs provide special courses and colloquia to further the doctoral students´progress.

Besides the opportunity to participate in one of our Ph.D. programs, the Faculty  continues to offer the traditional way of earning a doctorate.

The staff of the SSIX Info Center are students in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. They are well-informed to answer all of the daily questions related to your studies and the Faculty, and will be able to direct you to the right contact person. For more information, please click here.

Our short term summer programs aim to give international students a direct opportunity to profit from the enormous potential of the Frankfurt International Financial Center with regard to topics dealing with European politics.


By arranging research and teaching according to thematic priority, the collaboration and mutual endorsement among the academic staff has been significantly enhanced.

The House of Finance opened in summer 2008 and amalgamates the university's interdisciplinary research on finance, monetary economics, and corporate and financial law under one umbrella.

Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe SAFE

The Center for Financial Studies and the Goethe University in Frankfurt at the beginning of 2013 launched its new Centre of Excellence "Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe" (SAFE). SAFE has set itself the goal to discover the requirements for an optimal regulatory framework for the financial markets and their actors. More

Cluster of Excellence Normative Orders

Due to the increasing scarcity of resources, climate change and the growing number of armed conflicts  traditional notions of order get to their limits. The Cluster of Excellence Normative Orders unites researchers from different disciplines to examine the changing socio-political conditions of "globalization" and new technical possibilities.. More

Graduate School of Economics, Finance and Management (GSEFM)

The Graduate School of Economics, Finance, and Management (GSEFM) – based in the House of Finance at Goethe-University Frankfurt – constitutes an alliance between Goethe-University Frankfurt, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, and Darmstadt University of Technology. More