Department of Money and Macroeconomics
Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main - House of Finance
Chair of Macroeconomics and Development
Professor Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, Ph.D.

Location: Room 3.55
Telephone: +49 (0)69 798 33815
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Papers | Selected Press Coverage

Published Papers
Natural Experiments in Macroeconomics
(with Tarek A. Hassan), in: Taylor, John B. and Harald Uhlig (eds.): Handbook of Macroeconomics, Elsevier, Vol. 2a, 2016, 923-1012.
Online Appendix, Slides, Teaching Materials: Slides, Handout, Latex Code

Long-Lasting Effects of Socialist Education
(with Paolo Masella), Review of Economics and Statistics, 98(3), 2016
Online Appendix

On the Endogeneity of Political Preferences: Evidence from Individual Experience with Democracy
(with Matthias Schündeln), Science, 347(6226), 2015
Published version in Science

The Role of Borders, Languages, and Currencies as Obstacles to Labor Market Integration
(with Kevin Bartz), European Economic Review, 56(6), 2012

Explaining the Low Labor Productivity in East Germany - A Spatial Analysis
(with Rima Izem), Journal of Comparative Economics, 40(1), 2012

Inequality Trends for Germany in the Last Two Decades: A Tale of Two Countries
(with Dirk Krueger and Mathias Sommer), Review of Economic Dynamics, 13(1), 2010

Who Stays, Who Goes, Who Returns? East-West Migration within Germany since Reunification
(with Matthias Schündeln), Economics of Transition, 17(3), 2009

The Response of Household Saving to the Large Shock of German Reunification
American Economic Review, 98(5), 2008

On Preferences for Being Self-Employed
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 71(2), 2009

Good Bye Lenin (Or Not?): The Effect of Communism on People's Preferences
(with Alberto Alesina), American Economic Review, 97(4), 2007

Precautionary Savings and Self-Selection: Evidence from the German Reunification 'Experiment'
(with Matthias Schündeln), Quarterly Journal of Economics, 120(3), 2005

Stock Market Liberalizations: Financial and Macroeconomic Implications
(with Norbert Funke), Review of World Economics, 139 (4), 2003

The Savings Behavior of East and West Germans - Theoretical Predictions and Empirical Evidence
(with Matthias Schündeln), Journal of Applied Social Science Studies, 123(1), 2003

L'insoutenable légèreté de l'euro
(with Laurence Boone, Alain de Serres and Vincent Koen), Economie Internationale, 88(4), 2002, 77-106;
also available as Tracking the Euro, OECD Economics Department Working Paper, No. 298, June 2001

Working Papers
Taxation and Labor Supply of Married Couples across Countries: A Macroeconomic Analysis
(with Alexander Bick)
2nd revise and resubmit at the Review of Economic Studies
Online Appendix

How Do Average Hours Worked Vary with Development? Cross-Country Evidence and Implications
(with Alexander Bick and David Lagakos)
revise and resubmit at the American Economic Review

Quantifying the Disincentive Effects of Joint Taxation on Married Women's Labor Supply
(with Alexander Bick)

Hours Worked in Europe and the US: New Data, New Answers
(with Alexander Bick and Bettina Brüggemann)
Online Appendix, Data Set

A Note on the Europe-US Gap in Hours Worked per Person: Data Revisions and Different Formulas
(with Alexander Bick and Bettina Brüggemann)

The Role of Product Familiarity in Household Financial Behavior
(with Michalis Haliassos)