Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Publications Database



Paradigmenwechsel in der (Konzern-)Lageberichterstattung über nicht-monetäre Erfolgsfaktoren
Der Konzern
Böcking, Hans-Joachim
Althoff, Carolin
Pensionszusagen auf Vorstandsebene – Entscheidungsrelevante Informationen und Corporate Governance Aspekte
Der Konzern
Böcking, Hans-Joachim
Bach, Amadeus
Hanke, Anika
CSR-Richtlinie-Umsetzungsgesetz: Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung und Wertewandel – Neue Herausfor-derungen und Chancen für die Nachhaltigkeit
Der Betrieb
Böcking, Hans-Joachim
Application of the Delta Method to Functions of the Sample Mean when Observations are Dependent
Statistical Papers
Weba, Michael
A Finite Spectral Representation of the Partition Function
The Ramanujan Journal
Weba, Michael
Asymmetric Social Norms
Economics Letters
2017 Camera, Gabriele
Gioffré, Alessandro
How to Assess the Democratic Qualities of a Multi-Stakeholder Initiative from a Habermasian Perspective? Deliberative Democracy and the Equator Principles Framework
Journal of Business Ethics
2017 Martens, Wil
van der Linden, Bastiaan
Wörsdörfer, Manuel
Has Greater Stock Market Participation Increased Wealth Inequality in the US?
Review of Income and Wealth
2017 Bilias, Yannis
Georgarakos, Dimitris
Haliassos, Michael
To deter or to moderate? Alliance formation in contests with incomplete information
Economic Inquiry (formerly: Western Economic Journal)
2017 Konrad, Kai A.
Morath, Florian
Advancing Non-compensatory Choice Models in Marketing
Customer Needs and Solutions
2017 Ariberg, Anoche
Otter, Thomas
Zantedeschi, Daniel
Allenby, Greg M.
Bentley, Taylor
Curry, David J.
Dotson, Marc
Henderson, Ty
Honka, Elisabeth
Kohli, Rajeev
Jedidi, Kamel
Seiler, Stephan
Wang, Xin Shane
Explaining Conflicts Between Active and Non-Active Shareholders in Family Firms
Schmalenbach Business Review
2017 Siebels, Jan-Folke
zu Knyphausen-Aufseß, Dodo
Schweizer, Lars
Digital Finance and FinTech: current research and future research directions
Journal of Business Economics (formerly: Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft ZfB)
Gomber, Peter
Koch, Jascha-Alexander
Siering, Michael
Time discounting and economic decision-making in the older population
The Journal of the Economics of Ageing
2017 Huffman, David
Maurer, Raimond
Mitchell, Olivia S.
Quantifying the Disincentive Effects of Joint Taxation on Married Women's Labor Supply
American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings
2017 Bick, Alexander
Fuchs-Schündeln, Nicola
Competition Between Equity Markets: A Review of the Consolidation Versus Fragmentation Debate
Journal of Economic Surveys
Gomber, Peter
Sagade, Satchit
Theissen, Eric
Weber, Moritz Christian
Westheide, Christian
Enabling international R&D units to evolve into contributors: the case of China
2017 Sauerberg, Isabella
zu Knyphausen-Aufseß, Dodo
Schweizer, Lars
The Recent Crises and Central Counterparty Risk Practices in the Light of Procyclicality: Empirical Evidence
Journal of Financial Market Infrastructures
2017 Lewandowska, Olga
Glaser, Florian
Aesthetic Pleasure versus Aesthetic Interest: The Two Routes to Aesthetic Liking
Frontiers in Psychology
Graf, Laura
Landwehr, Jan R.
Processing Fluency: An Inevitable Side Effect of Evaluative Conditioning
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology
Landwehr, Jan R.
Golla, Benedikt
Reber, Rolf
How agile practices impact customer responsiveness and development success: A field study.
Project Management Journal
2017 Recker, Jan
Holten, Roland
Hummel, Markus
Rosenkranz, Christoph
Vulnerable Exotic Derivatives
Journal of Derivatives
2017 Marcos, Escobar
Mahlstedt, Mirco
Panz, Sven
Zagst, Rudi
Bayer-Monsanto – eine neue Nummer 1 in der Agrarchemie?
Nachrichten aus der Chemie
Schweizer, Lars
Corporate distress and turnaround: integrating the literature and directing future research
Business Research
Schweizer, Lars
Nienhaus, Andreas
Ensuring Market Integrity and Stability: Circuit Breakers on International Trading Venues
The Journal of Trading
Gomber, Peter
Clapham, Benjamin
Haferkorn, Martin
Panz, Sven
Jentsch, Paul
Optimal consumption and investment with Epstein–Zin recursive utility
Finance and Stochastics
Kraft, Holger
Seiferling, Thomas
Seifried, Frank Thomas