Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Publications Database



Strategic Alliances or M & A as the Road to Innovation for Pharmaceutical Companies?
Journal of Entrepreneurship & Organization Management
Schweizer, Lars
Management consulting: measuring performance and the use of success fees
International Journal of Services, Economics and Management
2014 Fleischer, Bärbel
zu Knyphausen-Aufseß, Dodo
Schweizer, Lars
A Time-Varying Performance Evaluation of Hedge Fund Strategies through Aggregation
2014 Billio, Monica
Frattarolo, Lorenzo
Pelizzon, Loriana
Liquidity Coinsurance and Bank Capital
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking
2014 Castiglionesi, Fabio
Feriozzi, Fabio
Loranth, Gyongyi
Pelizzon, Loriana
Health status and portfolio choice: Is their relationship economically relevant?
International Review of Financial Analysis
2014 Bressan, Silvia
Pace, Noemi
Pelizzon, Loriana
Lawyers and investment
Review of Law and Economics
Massenot, Baptiste
The Effect of Brand Gender on Brand Equity
Psychology & Marketing
2014 Lieven, Theo
Grohmann, Bianca
Herrmann, Andreas
Landwehr, Jan R.
van Tilburg, Miriam
The Impact of Buy-Now Features in Pay-per-Bid Auctions
Journal of Management Information Systems
Reiner, Jochen
Natter, Martin
Skiera, Bernd
Do Regions Benefit from Active Labour Market Policies? A Macroeconometric Evaluation Using Spatial Panel Methods
Regional Studies
2014 Dauth, Wolfgang
Hujer, Reinhard
Wolf, Katja
Pro-Social Missions and Worker Motivation: An Experimental Study
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
2014 Fehrler, Sebastian
Kosfeld, Michael
Reciprocal social influence on investment decisions: behavioral evidence from a group of mutual fund managers
Financial Markets and Portfolio Management
König, Frederik
Boundary Interactions and Motors of Change in Requirements Elicitation: A Dynamic Perspective on Knowledge Sharing
Journal of the Association for Information Systems
2014 Rosenkranz, Christoph
Vranesic, Helena
Holten, Roland
Aging in Europe: Reforms, International Diversification and Behavioral Reactions
American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings
2014 Börsch-Supan, Axel
Härtl, Klaus
Ludwig, Alexander
How to Enable Automated Trading Engines to Cope with News-Related Liquidity Shocks? Extracting Signals from Unstructured Data
Decision Support Systems
2014 Groth, Sven
Siering, Michael
Gomber, Peter
Welfare Implications of Product Choice Regulation during the Payout Phase of Funded Pensions
Journal of Pension Economics and Finance
2014 Horneff, Vanya
Kaschützke, Barbara
Maurer, Raimond
Rogalla, Ralph
Bayesian estimation of the random coefficients logit from aggregate count data
Quantitative Marketing and Economics
2014 Zenetti, German
Otter, Thomas
Is economic recovery a myth? Robust estimation of impulse responses
Journal of Applied Econometrics
2014 Teulings, Coen N.
Zubanov, Nick
Investment Under Uncertainty and Regulation of New Access Networks
Information Economics and Policy
Inderst, Roman
Peitz, Martin
Umbrella Effects
Journal of Competition Law & Economics
Inderst, Roman
Maier-Rigaud, Frank
Schwalbe, Ulrich
The Impact of Investment Behaviour for Individual Welfare
2014 Post, Thomas
Gründl, Helmut
Schmitt, Joan T.
Zimmer, Anja
Labor Selection, Turnover Costs, and Optimal Monetary Policy
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking
Faia, Ester
Lechthaler, Wolfgang
Merkl, Christian
Are Immigrants More Mobile Than Natives? Evidence From Germany
Journal of Regional Science
Schündeln, Matthias
Government Policies, Residential Mortgage Defaults, and the Boom and Bust Cycle of Housing Prices
Real Estate Economics
2014 Ascheberg, Marius
Jarrow, Robert
Kraft, Holger
Yildirim, Yildiray
Data Caps and Two-Sided Pricing: Evaluating Managed Service Business Models
Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS)
2014 Krämer, Jan
Wiewiorra, Lukas
You Reap What You Sow? How Knowledge Exchange Effectiveness is Affected by Different Types of Communication in Enterprise Social Media
Proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS)
Risius, Marten
Beck, Roman