Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Publications Database



Sovereign risk, bank funding and investors’ pessimism
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
Faia, Ester
Evaluating the Effects of ACE Systems on Multinational Debt Financing and Investment
Journal of Public Economics
Hebous, Shafik
Ruf, Martin
Do Disclosures of Customer Metrics Lower Investors' and Analysts' Uncertainty, But Hurt Firm Performance?
Journal of Marketing Research
2017 Bayer, Emanuel
Tuli, Kapil
Skiera, Bernd
What Should Be The Dependent Variable In Marketing-Related Event Studies?
International Journal of Research in Marketing
Skiera, Bernd
Bayer, Emanuel
Schöler, Lisa
Online Shopping and Platform Design with Ex Ante Registration Requirements
Management Science
Morath, Florian
Münster, Johannes
Is Proprietary Trading Detrimental to Retail Investors?
Journal of Finance
2017 Fecht, Falko
Hackethal, Andreas
Karabulut, Yigitcan
Abusing ETFs
Review of Finance
Hackethal, Andreas
Meyer, Steffen
Bhattacharya, Utpal
Loos, Benjamin
Balance of power and the propensity of conflict
Games and Economic Behavior
2017 Herbst, Luisa
Konrad, Kai A.
Morath, Florian
Interaction-based coding of scaffolding processes
Learning and Instruction
Minnameier, Gerhard
Hermkes, Rico
Mach, Hanna
Over, out, but present: recalling former sponsorships
European Journal of Marketing
2017 Edeling, Alexander
Hattula, Stefan
Bornemann, Torsten
The Improbability of Reswitching, the Certainty of Wicksell-Effects and the Poverty of Production Functions: The Cambridge Critique of Capital Transformed
Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology
Schefold, Bertram
Assessing the Economic Effects of Server Launches in Free-to-Play MMO Games
Journal of Business Economics (formerly: Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft ZfB)
2017 Voigt, Sebastian
Hinz, Oliver
Effects of Decision Space Information on MAUT-based Systems that Support Purchase Decision Processes
Decision Support Systems
2017 Scholz, Michael
Franz, Markus
Hinz, Oliver
Mittelstandsfinanzierung im Kontext von FinTech und Digital Finance
Corporate Finance
Gomber, Peter
Koch, Jascha-Alexander
Siering, Michael
Paradigmenwechsel in der (Konzern-)Lageberichterstattung über nicht-monetäre Erfolgsfaktoren
Der Konzern
Böcking, Hans-Joachim
Althoff, Carolin
Pensionszusagen auf Vorstandsebene – Entscheidungsrelevante Informationen und Corporate Governance Aspekte
Der Konzern
Böcking, Hans-Joachim
Bach, Amadeus
Hanke, Anika
CSR-Richtlinie-Umsetzungsgesetz: Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung und Wertewandel – Neue Herausfor-derungen und Chancen für die Nachhaltigkeit
Der Betrieb
Böcking, Hans-Joachim
Application of the Delta Method to Functions of the Sample Mean when Observations are Dependent
Statistical Papers
Weba, Michael
A Finite Spectral Representation of the Partition Function
The Ramanujan Journal
Weba, Michael
Asymmetric Social Norms
Economics Letters
2017 Camera, Gabriele
Gioffré, Alessandro
How to Assess the Democratic Qualities of a Multi-Stakeholder Initiative from a Habermasian Perspective? Deliberative Democracy and the Equator Principles Framework
Journal of Business Ethics
2017 Martens, Wil
van der Linden, Bastiaan
Wörsdörfer, Manuel
Has Greater Stock Market Participation Increased Wealth Inequality in the US?
Review of Income and Wealth
2017 Bilias, Yannis
Georgarakos, Dimitris
Haliassos, Michael
To deter or to moderate? Alliance formation in contests with incomplete information
Economic Inquiry (formerly: Western Economic Journal)
2017 Konrad, Kai A.
Morath, Florian
Advancing Non-compensatory Choice Models in Marketing
Customer Needs and Solutions
2017 Ariberg, Anoche
Otter, Thomas
Zantedeschi, Daniel
Allenby, Greg M.
Bentley, Taylor
Curry, David J.
Dotson, Marc
Henderson, Ty
Honka, Elisabeth
Kohli, Rajeev
Jedidi, Kamel
Seiler, Stephan
Wang, Xin Shane
Explaining Conflicts Between Active and Non-Active Shareholders in Family Firms
Schmalenbach Business Review
2017 Siebels, Jan-Folke
zu Knyphausen-Aufseß, Dodo
Schweizer, Lars