Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Publications Database



How to improve acquisition performance: The role of a dedicated M&A function, M&A learning process, and M&A capability,
Strategic Management Journal
2016 Trichterborn, Anja
zu Knyphausen-Aufseß, Dodo
Schweizer, Lars
TV's Dirty Little Secret: The Negative Effect of Popular TV on Online Auction Sales
Management Information Systems Quarterly Executive
Hinz, Oliver
Hill, Shawndra
Kim, Ju-Young
Entwicklung der Vorstands- und Aufsichtsratsvergütung 2014/2015: Vergütungslandschaft im Dax und MDax
Der Konzern
Böcking, Hans-Joachim
Althoff, Carolin
Bundle, Laura
Hanke, Anika
Schmid, Remo
Fischer, Nicole
Schütte, Axel
Reich, Johannes
Hönsch, Henning
Kaspar, Martin
Ermessensspielräume und Bilanzierungsfehler bei der Anwendung des IFRS 5 - Theoretische Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten und Enforcement-Fehlerfeststellungen -
Der Konzern
Böcking, Hans-Joachim
Worret, Daniel
Correcting for Self-selection Based Endogeneity in Management Research: Review, Recommendations and Simulations
Organizational Research Methods
2016 Clougherty, Joseph A.
Duso, Tomaso
Muck, Johannes
Political Economy in the Pseudo-Aristotelian Oeconomica II and the German Cameralist Klock
History of Economic Thought and Policy
Schefold, Bertram
Endogenous Grids in Higher Dimensions: Delaunay Interpolation and Hybrid Methods
Computational Economics
Ludwig, Alexander
Schön, Matthias
Natural Experiments in Macroeconomics
Handbook of Macroeconomics
Fuchs-Schündeln, Nicola
Hassan, Tarek A.
Monetary Policy, Factor Substitution, and Convergence
Macroeconomic Dynamics
Klump, Rainer
Jurkat, Anne
Impediments to Communication in Financial Institutions: Implications for the Risk Management Organization
Geneva Risk and Insurance Review
2016 Höring, Dirk
Gründl, Helmut
Schlütter, Sebastian
The Evolution of Insurer Portfolio Investment Strategies for Long-Term Investing
OECD Journal
Gründl, Helmut
Dong, Ming
Gal, Jens
Systemic loops and liquidity regulation
Journal of Financial Stability
2016 Aldasoro, Inaki
Faia, Ester
Data, Data and even more Data: Harvesting Insights from the Data Jungle
GFK Marketing Intelligence Review
Skiera, Bernd
Panel Cointegration Testing in the Presence of Linear Time Trends
Hassler, Uwe
Hosseinkouchack, Mehdi
Das Wertminderungsmodell des IFRS 9: Auslegungs- und Gestaltungsspielräume
Der Konzern
Hommel, Michael
Kiy, Florian
Zick, Theresa
Germany. The Influence of IFRS on the German Accounting System: The Half-Hearted Reforms of the German Accounting Law Modernization Act
Festschrift für Jaques Richard
Hommel, Michael
Zicke, Julia
IFRS 16 - Nutzungsverhältnisse: Bewertungskonzept auf dem Prüfstand
BB - Betriebs-Berater
2016 Dehmel, Inga
Hommel, Michael
Rammert, Stefan
IFRS 16 - der neue Standard für Nutzungsverhältnisse: systematische Inkonsistenzen und bilanzpolitische Spielräume
BB - Betriebs-Berater
Hommel, Michael
Dehmel, Inga
Zeitler, Nicholas
Die Reform des Abzinsungssatzes für Pensionsrückstellungen nach § 253 Abs. 2 HGB - GoB-konform oder Beihilfe zur Bilanzpolitik?
Der Betrieb
Hommel, Michael
Rammert, Stefan
Kiy, Florian
Accounting and actuarial smoothing of retirement payouts in participating life annuities
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics
Maurer, Raimond
Mitchell, Olivia S.
Rogalla, Ralph
Siegelin, Ivonne
Entrepreneurial Spawning: Experience, Education, and Exit
Financial Review
2016 Cumming, Douglas
Walz, Uwe
Werth, Christian
Ethics and economics: A comment on Narvaez’s „Revitalizing human virtue by restoring organic morality"
Journal of Moral Education
Minnameier, Gerhard
Illusion of control and the pursuit of authority
Experimental Economics
2016 Sloof, Randolph
von Siemens, Ferdinand A.
A Note on the Impact of Parameter Uncertainty on Barrier Derivatives
2016 Marcos, Escobar
Panz, Sven
The determinants of household’s bank switching
Journal of Financial Stability
2016 Brunetti, Marianna
Ciciretti, Rocco
Djordjevic, Ljubica