Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Publications Database



Loss-induced emotions and criminal behavior: An experimental analysis
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
2019 Baumann, Florian
Benndorf, Volker
Friese, Marianne
Political selection and the optimal concentration of political power
Economic Theory
Grunewald, Andreas
Hansen, Emanuel
Pönitzsch, Gert
Does Say on Pay Matter? Evidence from Germany
European Company and Financial Law Review
2019 Tröger, Tobias
Walz, Uwe
Can households see into the future? Survey evidence from the Netherlands
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
2019 Massenot, Baptiste
Pettinicchi, Yuri
Instability, imprecision and inconsistent use of equilibrium real interest rate estimates
Journal of International Money and Finance
2019 Beyer, Robert C. M.
Wieland, Volker
Wealth Inequality and Homeownership in Europe
Annals of Economics and Statistics
Kaas, Leo
Kocharkov, Georgi
Preugschat, Edgar
Hours Worked in Europe and the United States: New Data, New Answers
Scandinavian Journal of Economics
2019 Bick, Alexander
Brüggemann, Bettina
Fuchs-Schündeln, Nicola
Data Revisions of Aggregate Hours Worked: Implications for the Europe-U.S. Hours Gap
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review
2019 Bick, Alexander
Brüggemann, Bettina
Fuchs-Schündeln, Nicola
General equilibrium effects of immigration in Germany: Search and matching approach
Review of Economic Dynamics
2019 Iftikhar, Z.
Zaharieva, Anna
Conservative Traits and Managerial Forecasting Style
Journal of Business Economics (formerly: Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft ZfB)
2019 Bormann, Sara
Claassen, Debbie
Hofmann, Christian
Schwaiger, Nina
Privater Standardsetzer als oberste Instanz in Deutschland und Europa? Zugleich Erwiderung zu Lüdenbach/Freiberg, DB 2019 S. 2305
Der Betrieb
Böcking, Hans-Joachim
Gros, Marius
Wirth, Willy
Fehlerfeststellung im Enforcement-Verfahren
Der Betrieb
Böcking, Hans-Joachim
Gros, Marius
Wirth, Willy
Twins are more different than commonly believed, but made less different by compensating behaviors
Economics and Human Biology
Choi, Jin-Young
Lee, Myoung-Jae
Escalation in conflict games: on beliefs and selection
Experimental Economics
2019 Konrad, Kai A.
Morath, Florian
HarmonicallyWeighted Processes
Journal of Time Series Analysis
Hassler, Uwe
Hosseinkouchack, Mehdi
Whittle-type estimation under long memory and nonstationarity
AStA: Advances in Statistical Analysis
2019 Cheung, Ying Lun
Hassler, Uwe
How to Assess the Democratic Qualities of a Multi-stakeholder Initiative from a Habermasian Perspective? Deliberative Democracy and the Equator Principles Framework
Journal of Business Ethics
2019 Martens, Wil
van der Linden, Bastiaan
Wörsdörfer, Manuel
Convergence on the Calculation Methodology for Drafting Rules of Origin in FTAs Using the Ad Valorem Criterion
Global Trade and Customs Journal
2019 Inama, Stefano
Crivelli, Pramila
Effective leadership and the allocation and exercise of power in organizations
Leadership Quarterly
2019 Sloof, Randolph
von Siemens, Ferdinand A.
Improving the M&A Decision-Making Process: Learning from Serial Acquirers
Schmalenbach Business Review
2019 Weber, Michael
zu Knyphausen-Aufseß, Dodo
Schweizer, Lars
Surplus participation schemes for life annuities under Solvency II
European Actuarial Journal
2019 Both, Sandy
Horneff, Vanya
Kaschützke, Barbara
Maurer, Raimond
How will persistent low expected returns shape households economic behaviour?
Journal of Pension Economics and Finance
2019 Horneff, Vanya
Maurer, Raimond
Mitchell, Olivia S.
Zur Diskrepanz zwischen gerichtlichen Beweisfragen in Kartellschadenersatzverfahren und den Ergebnissen des ökonomischen „Standardansatzes“ bei statistischen Analysen
Zeitschrift für Wettbewerbsrecht
2019 Frank, Niels
Inderst, Roman
Oldehaver, Gunnar
CEO investment of deferred compensation plans and firm performance
Journal of Business Finance and Accounting
2019 Colonnello, Stefano
Curatola, Giuliano
Curatola, Guiliano
Gioffré, Alessandro
Horizontal industry relationships and return predictability
Journal of Empirical Finance
Schlag, Christian
Zeng, Kailin