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Dr. Adina I. Tarcolea

Gräfstr. 78
Room 204
60054 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: +49-69-798-28418
Fax: +49-69-798-23662

Research interests

  • Long memory processes
  • Panel data analysis
  • Time series econometrics
  • Inference methods: frequentistic approaches and fiducial inference
  • Monte-Carlo methods

Academic education and experience

  • 1997-2001 University of Bucharest, Department of Mathematics, Section of Advanced Studies; Degree in Mathematics
  • since October 2001: Teaching Assistant at the Department of Mathematics 3, Specialization Statistics, 'Politehnica' University Bucharest .
    • Teaching exercises courses in German (2001-2002): Applied Statistics at the German Department of Economical Engineering, PUB;
    • Teaching exercises courses in Romanian (2001-2002): Theory of Probabilities and Statistics with the students of the Department of Energetics and Mathematical Analysis with the students of the Department of Electrotechnics, PUB.
  • since October 2002: DAAD Scholarship for scientific research at Technische Universität Darmstadt in cooperation with Professor Dr. Hans-Dieter Heike, Institut für VWL.
  • since September 2003: research assistant with the Project "Integrations- und Kointegrationsanalyse mit Paneldaten".
  • since April 2006: research assistant with the Project "Long Memory in Financial Time Series - Econometric instruments and emprirical evidence".

Scientific activity


Presentations at scientific congresses

  • Invited speaker at Centre for European Economic Research, Juli 19th 2007, Mannheim
  • Persistence in Financial and Economic Time Series, June 22th-23rd 2007, Frankfurt am Main
  • Statistics under one umbrella, March 27th-30th, 2007, Bielefeld;
  • Statistische Woche, September 18th-21st, 2006, Dresden;
  • 13th Conference on Panel Data, July 7th-9th, 2006, Cambridge;
  • Workshop "Panel and Factor Modelling in Macroeconomics and Finance", May 4th, 2006, Center for Financial Studies and Goethe-University Frankfurt;
  • 12th Conference on Panel Data, June 24th-26th, 2005, Copenhagen;
  • Pentecost meeting of the German Statistical Society, May 19th and 20th, 2005, Münster;
  • Workshop "Unit Roots and Cointegration in Panel Data", October 22nd-23rd, 2004, Goethe-University Frankfurt;
  • 59th European Meeting of the Econometric Society (ESEM), August 20th-24th, 2004, Madrid;
  • The 11th International Conference on Panel Data, June 4th-6th, 2004, College Station, Texas;
  • Pentecost meeting of the German Statistical Society, June 12th-13th, 2003, Rostock;
  • Workshop “Unit Roots and Cointegration in Panel Data”, May 23rd-24th, 2003, University of Bonn;
  • Symposium "Stellenwert der Forschung und Entwicklung in den zeitgenössischen rumänischen Gesellschaft", November 15th, 2002, Bucharest, Romania;
  • "Le 6-eme Colloque Franco-Roumain", September 2nd-6th, 2002, Perpignan, France;
  • "Mathematics in Engineering and Numerical Physics", April 22nd-27th, 2002, Bucharest, Romania;


  • Econometric Society
  • German Statistical Society


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