Working Papers & Work in Progress

Idiosyncratic Risk, Aggregate Risk, and the Welfare Effects of Social Security (with Daniel Harenberg), 2018, conditionally accepted for publication in: International Economic Review. Supplementary Appendix

Optimal Taxes on Capital in the OLG Model with Uninsurable Idiosyncratic Income Risk (with Dirk Krueger), 2018, under review.

Cognition, Optimism and the Formation of Age-Dependent Survival Beliefs (with Nils Grevenbrock, Max Groneck und Alexander Zimper), 2018, under review.

The Impact of Biases in Survival Beliefs on Savings Behavior (with Max Groneck and Alex Zimper), 2017, under revision. Supplementary Appendix

Secular Stagnation? Growth, Asset Returns and Welfare in the Next Decades (with Raphael Abiry and Christian Geppert), work in progress.

Higher-Order Income Risk over the Business Cycle: A Parametric Approach (with Christopher Busch), 2017, work in progress.

 The Macroeconomic and Distributional Effects of the 2015-? German Immigration Wave: First results (with Christopher Busch, Daniel Harenberg and Dirk Krueger), 2016, work in progress

Financial frictions and inequality (with Ctirad Slavik, Alexander Monge-Naranjo, Faisal Sohail), 2016, work in progress

A New Utility Function for Macroeconomists (with Raphael Abiry), 2015, work in progress

An Endogenous Growth Model with a Health Sector (with Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Dirk Krueger and Matthias Schön), work in progress.

On the Optimal Interplay of Early and Late Education Subsidies and Taxation (with Fabian Becker and Dirk Krueger), work in progress.

On Measuring Preference Heterogeneity (with Stefan Hoderlein and Lars Nesheim), work in progress.