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New Working Paper: The Long-Term Distributional and Welfare Effects of Covid-19 School Closures (Alexander Ludwig)

Using a structural life-cycle model, we analyze the long-term income, welfare- and distributional consequences of school closures due to Covid-19 on children. Parental reactions reduce the negative impact of school closures on children, but do not fully offset it. On average, long-term earnings losses are about 1% for all children. Those losses are larger for younger children and for children...[mehr]


New Working Paper: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Policies Against a Pandemic (Alexander Ludwig)

We develop a novel empirical approach to evaluate the effectiveness of policies against a pandemic. The key insight is that epidemic dynamics are best tracked over stages, rather than over time. Our approach uncovers variation in stages across regions and gives clean identification of the policy effect. We apply our approach to evaluate the effectiveness of the nationwide stay-home policy enacted...[mehr]


New Working Paper: Conditional Quantile Coverage: an Application to Growth-At-Risk (Daniel Gutknecht)

This paper develops tests for pairwise and multiple out-of-sample comparisons of parametric conditional quantile models with an application to Growth-at-Risk. Comments are welcome. Link to paper  [mehr]


New Working Paper: Testing for Quantile Sample Selection (Daniel Gutknecht)

This paper develops tests for detecting sample selection in nonparametric conditional quantile (and mean) models. Comments are welcome. Link to paper  [mehr]


New Video on Bachelor Concentration “Economics”

See video. In this video, Professor Weichenrieder talks about important arguments for enrolling into the bachelor specialization “Economics” at Goethe University (in German). [mehr]

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