CORA 2023 - Conference on Robots and Automation

This second conference on the economic impact of robots and automation will take place ­on September 18/19, 2023, at ­­Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in cooperation with the International Federation of Robotics (IFR). This conference aims to establish a platform for all economists working in the quickly growing field of robots, automation, and artificial intelligence. We also wish to provide a forum for discussion between data users and the main data provider in this field.

A keynote speech will be held by Anna Salomons (Utrecht University).

Researchers from all fields of economics are invited to present new research results and discuss possible directions for future research activities. We welcome the submission of papers with an empirical, theoretical, and/or policy orientation focusing on micro- or macroeconomic aspects of robots, automation, and artificial intelligence.

Please find the detailed conference program of 2023 here.

Further Details

Location / Campus Map

Please find information on the location here.

Selection Committee

Ana Abeliansky (WU Wien), André Jungmittag (EU Joint Research Centre, Seville), Katja Mann (Copenhagen Business School), Christopher Müller (IFR, Frankfurt), Klaus Prettner (WU Wien)

Conference Organization

Anne Jurkat and Rainer Klump, Department of Economic Policy and Quantitative Methods, Faculty of Economics and Business, Goethe University Frankfurt.

Submitted Working Papers of 2023

Please find a selection of submitted working papers here.

Program of CORA 2022

Please find the program of CORA 2022 here.