Quantitative Economic Policy Seminar


Date Speaker Topic
29 Okt 2015 Marie-Laure Breuillé, INRA CESAER Optimal Territorial Design and Decentralization
12 Nov 2015 Benjamin Moll, Princeton University Monetary Policy According to HANK
11 Feb 2016 Matteo Bobba, Toulouse School of Economics Learning about Oneself: The Effects of Signaling Academic Ability on School Choice
17 Mär 2016 Nico Voigtländer Exporting and Plant-Level Efficiency Gains: It's in the Measure
21 Apr 2016 Catia Batista tbd
28 Apr 2016 Rajshri Jayaraman School Feeding and Cognitive Skills: Evidence from India's Midday Meal Program
30 Mai 2016 Emanuel Ornelas Trade Liberalization and Third-Market Effects
27 Jun 2016 Thomas Moutos Can Minimum Wages Raise Workers' Incomes in the Long Run?
24 Nov 2016 Eric Naevdal "Individual Genetic Variation & Collective Norms: The Case of Binge Drinking"
08 Dez 2016 Pascaline Dupas Mechanism Design meets Development: Selective Trials for Technology Diffusion"
18 Mai 2017 Julien Labonne "Family Networks and Distributive Politics" (with M. Fafchamps)
19 Mai 2017 Udo Kreickemeier, TU Dresden Offshoring and Job Polarisation between Firms
22 Mai 2017 Lisandra Flach, LMU Quality and Gravity in International Trade
22 Mai 2017 Michael Kremer "Netflix for Agriculture?"
03 Jul 2017 Fabian Waldinger Frontier Knowledge and the Creation of Ideas: Evidence from the Collapse of International Science in the Wake of WWI
30 Nov 2017 Hans Fehr Tenure Choice, Disability Risk and Retirement Savings - Why is it Connected?
04 Dez 2017 Arthur Lewbel Keeping up with peers in India. A new social interactions model of perceived needs
13 Jun 2018 Anna Bindler Scaring or scarring? Labour market effects of criminal victimisation
15 Jun 2018 Christoph Breunig Regression with Selectively Missing Covariates
20 Jun 2018 Jens Ruhose Wider Benefits of Continuous Work-Related Training
10 Dez 2018 Robert S. Chirinko (University of Illinois at Chicago) What went wrong?: The Puerto Rican Debt Crisis and the “Treasury Put”
14 Feb 2019 Germán Feldman A Monetary and Financial Theory of Distribution
02 Mai 2019 Abdoulaye Ndiaye (NYU Stern and Chicago Fed) Flexible Retirement and Optimal Taxation
27 Jun 2019 Kangoh Lee Federalism, Jurisdictional Policy Choices, and Income Inequality
24 Okt 2019 Prof. Dr. Ronnie Schöb Globalization, Impatience, and Up-Front Redistribution
28 Nov 2019 Marcel Thum Optimal Opacity in Ultimatum Offer Bargaining
23 Apr 2020 Zareh Asatryan CANCELLED
07 Mai 2020 Giovanni Mellace (University of Southern Denmark) Mediation Analysis Synthetic Control
02 Jul 2020 Elena Mattana CANCELLED
22 Apr 2021 Zareh Asatryan Favoritism and Firms: Micro Evidence and Macro Implications
20 Mai 2021 Alessandro Iaria Gender Gaps in Academia: Global Evidence, 1900-1969
24 Jun 2021 Clement Imbert Urban Public Works in Spatial Equilibrium: Experimental Evidence from Ethiopia (with S. Franklin, G. Abebe and C. Mejia-Mantilla
01 Jul 2021 Anna Raute Wind of Change? Cultural Determinants of Maternal Labor Supply
08 Jul 2021 Gregory Veramendi The Labor Market Returns to Delaying Pregnancy (with Yana Gallen and Juanna S. Joensen)