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Neuere Arbeiten am Lehrstuhl (seit 2015)


Damage Calculation and Mitigation in Retailing in the Presence of Store Brands (With an Application to the German Coffee Cartel), 2021
Inderst, R.; Kuhlmann, R.

Sustainability Agreements and Social Norms, 2021
Inderst, R.; Rhiel, F.; Thomas, S.

Loss Leading as a Threat to Brands, 2021
Inderst, R.; Obradovits, M.

Excessive Competition for Headline Prices, 2021
Inderst, R.; Obradovits, M.

Income and Consumption over the Business Cycle: Evidence from Matched Administrative Data, 2021
Brancatelli, C.; Inderst, R.

Using the Statistical Concept of “Severity” to Assess Seemingly Contradictory Statistical Evidence (With a Particular Application to Damage Estimation), Journal of Competition Law and Economics (forthcoming), 2021
Bönisch, P.; Inderst, R.

Technical Report on Sustainability and Competition, Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets and Hellenic Competition Commision, 2021
Inderst, R.; Sartzetakis, E.; Xepapadeas, A.

The Scope and Limitations of  Incorporating Externalities in Competition Analysis within a Consumer Welfare Approach, 2021
Inderst, R.; Thomas, S.

Measuring Consumer Sustainability Benefits, Journal of European Competition Law & Practice (forthcoming), 2021
Inderst, R.; Thomas, S.

Firm Competition and Cooperation with Norm-Based Preferences for Sustainability, 2021
Inderst, R.; Sartzetakis, E. S.; Xepapadeas, A.

Only Time will tell: A Theory of Deferred Compensation, Review of Economic Studies, 2021
Hoffmann, F.; Inderst, R.; Opp, M.

The Economics of Deferral and Clawback Regulation, Journal of Finance (forthcoming), 2021
Hoffmann, F.; Inderst, R.; Opp, M.

Reflective Willingness to Pay: Preferences for Sustainable Consumption in a Consumer Welfare Analysis, Journal of Competition Law and Economics (forthcoming), 2021
Inderst, R., Thomas, S.

Prospective Welfare Analysis: Extending Willingness-to-Pay Assessment to Embrace SustainabilityJournal of Competition Law and Economics (forthcoming), 2021
Inderst, R.; Thomas, S.

Measuring Income and Wealth Effects on Private-Label Demand with Matched Administrative Data, Marketing Science (forthcoming), 2021
Brancatelli, C; Fritzsche, A.; Inderst, R.; Otter, T.

Cartel Damage Mitigation from Retailers' Store Brands, 2020
Inderst, R.; Kotschedoff, M.; Kuhlmann, R.

Pricing and Product Positioning with Relative Consumer Preferences, 2020
Obradovits, M.; Inderst, R.

Why Brand Manufacturers Should Take Loss Leading Seriously, 2020
Obradovits, M.; Inderst, R.

Payment System Self-Regulation through Fee Caps, Review of Network Economics, 2020
Griem, F.

Persuasion through Selective Disclosure: Implications for Marketing, Campaigning, and Privacy Regulation, Management Science, 2020

Hoffmann, F.; Inderst, R.; Ottaviani, M.

Loss Leading with Salient Thinkers, RAND Journal of Economics, 2020
Inderst, R.; Obradovits, M.

Ein Vorschlag zur Würdigung vermeintlich widersprüchlicher
empirischer Evidenz im kartellrechtlichen Kontext
, 2020
Boenisch, P.; Inderst, R.

Zur Interpretation empirischer Evidenz vor Gericht: Missverständnisse und mögliche Lösungen, Zeitschrift für Wettbewerbsrecht, 2020
Boenisch, P.; Inderst, R.

Bargaining over Royalties in the Shadow of Litigation, 2020
Griem, F.; Inderst, R.

Preemptive management of customer cancellations on online booking platforms, 2020
Kotschedoff, M.; Malik, F.

Estimating counterfactuals as a test of structural models: The case of the German coffee cartel, 2020
Kuhlmann, R.

Incentives to(Mis-)Report for the Euribor: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis, 2020
Malik, F.

Going to the discounter in an economic crisis: Estimating wealth and income effects on shopping behavior, 2019
Fritzsche, A.

Overcharge Estimation: Making Statistical Evidence More Meaningful, Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, 2019
Boenisch, P.; Inderst, R.

Common Ownership and Mergers between Portfolio Companies,  Oxford Business Law Blog, 2019
Inderst, R.; Thomas, S.

Price Pressure Indices, Innovation and Mergers Between Commonly Owned Firms, Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, 2019
Inderst, R.; Thomas, S.

Price Pressure Indices, Innovation and Mergers Between Commonly Owned Firms (Online Appendix),  Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, 2019
Inderst, R.; Thomas, S.

Persuasion Through Ordered Information, 2019
Turlo, S.

Mergers, Welfare, and Bargaining Power, 2019
Turlo, S.

Preferences for Cash vs. Card Payments: An Analysis using German Household Scanner Data, 2019
Brancatelli, C.

Financial Literacy and Savings Account Returns, Journal of European Economic Association, 2019
Deuflhard, F.; Georgarakos, D.; Inderst, R.

Buyer Power and Mutual Dependency in a Model of Negotiations, Rand Journal of Economics, 2019
Inderst, R.; Montez, J.

Zur Diskrepanz zwischen gerichtlichen Beweisfragen in Kartellschadensersatzverfahren und den Ergebnissen des ökonomischen "Standardansatzes" bei statistischen Analysen, Zeitschrift für Wettbewerbsrecht, 2019
Frank, N.; Inderst, R.; Oldehaver, G.

Growth Firms and Relationship Finance: A Capital Structure Approach, Management Science, 2019
Inderst, R.; Vladimirov, V.

A Practical Review of Methods to Estimate Overcharges using Linear Regression, Concurrences, 2019
Inderst, R.; Milde, C.

Higher Minimum Quality Standards and Redistributive Effects on Consumer Welfare, Marketing Science, 2019
Kotschedoff, M.; Pachali, M.

Sharing Guilt; How Better Access to Information May Backfire, Management Science, 2019
Inderst, R.; Khalmetski, K.; Ockenfels, A.

Quantifizierung von Schäden durch Wettbewerbsverstöße, Handbuch Private Kartellrechtsdurchsetzung, 2018
Inderst, R; Maier-Rigaud, F.; Schwalbe, U.

The Welfare Effects of Single Rooms in German Nursing Homes: A Structural Approach, R&R, 2018
Saric, A.

Demand estimation with list prices and durable goods: The case of trucks, 2018
Fritzsche, A.

Managing Channel Profits when Retailers have Profitable Outside Options, Management Science, 2018
Inderst, R.; Shaffer, G.

Regulating Cancellation Rights with Consumer Experimentation, 2018
Hoffmann, F.; Inderst, R.; Turlo, S.

Pop the Cork on the Holidays, 2018
Jakubovic, Z.

Quantifying Inertia in Retail Deposit Markets, 2018
Deuflhard, F.

Successful Motivation with Side Effects: Exploring Nonlinear Compensation of Mortgage Brokers, 2018
Dyshko, I.

Inertia and Pass-Through in Retail Deposit Markets, 2018
Deuflhard, F.

Schadensersatz bei Kartellverstößen: Juristische und ökonomische Grundlagen und Methoden, Verlag Handelsblatt Fachmedien GmbH, 2018
Inderst, R.; Thomas, S.

Pass-on bei entgeltlicher Nutzungsüberlassung auf nachgelagerten Märkten, NZKart, 2018
Inderst, R.; Thomas, S.

The Hidden Value of Lying: Evasion of Guilt in Expert, 2018
Khalmetski, K.

Competitive Strategies when Consumers are Relative Thinkers: Implications for Pricing, Promotions, and Product Choice, 2017
Inderst, R.; Obradovits, M.

Search and Segregation, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2017
Obradovits, M.

The Double Diamond Paradox, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2017
Garcia, D.; Honda, J.; Janssen, M.

Taxing Externalities Under Financing Constraints, The Economic Jounal, 2017
Hoffmann, F.; Inderst, R.; Moslener, U.

Signaling through public antitrust enforcement, Economic Letters, 2017
Saljanin, S.

Tariff diversity and competition policy: drivers for broadband adoption in the European Union, Journal of Regulatory Economics, 2017
Lange, M. R. J.

Demand Shifts Due to Salience Effects: Experimental Evidence, Journal of the European Economic Association, 2017
Dertwinkel-Kalt, M.; Köhler, K.; Lange, M. R. J., Wenzel, T.

Can the SIEC Test be used to assess Effects from Buyer Power?, Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, 2017
Inderst, R.; Mazzarotto, N.

A Theory of the Boundaries of Banks with Implications for Financial Integration and Regulation, 2017
Fecht, F.; Inderst, R.; Pfeil, S.

Nonlinear Incentives and Advisor Bias, 2017
Honda, J.; Inderst, R.

Buyer Power and Supplier Shirking, 2017
Jakubovic, Z.

Anti-herding in the Euribor Survey, 2016
Sirak, A.

An "Image Theory" of RPM, 2016
Inderst, R.; Pfeil, S.

Testing Guilt Aversion with an Exogenous Shift in Beliefs, Games and Economic Behavior, 2016
Khalmetski, K.

Umbrella Effects, Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 2015
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Surprising Gifts - Theory and Laboratory Evidence, Journal of Economic Theory, 2015
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Income and Unemployment Effects on Life Insurance Lapse, Journal of Risk & Insurance (R&R), 2015, Sirak, A.

Dynamic Multitasking and Managerial Investment Incentives, Journal of Financial Economics (R&R), 2015, Hoffmann, F.; Pfeil, S.