1. Working Papers

  • Capital Regulation, Market-Making, and Liquidity (with Thomas Kick, Shikhar Singla and Vikrant Vig); Abstract

  • Political Economy of Financial Regulation (with Shikhar Singla and Vikrant Vig); Abstract

  • Supra(National) Supervision (with Shikhar Singla and Vikrant Vig); Abstract

  • Limited Transmission of Monetary Policy: Evidence from Corporate Term Loan Pricing (withThomas Mosk); Abstract

  • Government Ownership of Banks and Corporate Innovation (with Bo Bian, Vikrant Vig, Beatrice Weder di Mauro)

  • "The Limits of Model-Based Regulation" (with Markus Behn and Vikrant Vig)

  • "Does Financial Structure Shape Industry Structure? Evidence from Timing of Bank Liberalization" (with Markus Behn, Amit Seru and Vikrant Vig)

  • "The Political Economy of Bank Bail-Outs" (with Bo Bian, Thomas Kick and Vikrant Vig)

2. Published Papers

  • "Rent-Seeking in Elite Networks", Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming, (with Vikrant Vig and David Schoenherr)
  • Foreign Banks in Syndicated Loan Markets, Journal of Banking and Finance 2011, Vol.35, Issue 10 (with Paul Wachtel)
  • “Explaining Foreign Bank Entrance in Emerging Markets”, Journal of Comparative Economics 2011, Vol. 39, Issue 4 (with Wilhelm Althammer)
  • “Institutions and Bank Behavior”, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 2010, Issue 42, No. 5, pp. 965-984 (with Paul Wachtel)
  • How Law Affects Lending”, Review of Financial Studies 2010, Vol. 23, Issue 2, pp. 549-580, (with Katharina Pistor and Vikrant Vig)
  • “The Introduction of the Euro and its Effects on Investment Decisions”, Journal of International Money and Finance 2010, Vol. 29, Issue 1, pp. 94-110 (with Helmut Herwartz)