Finance Brown Bag Seminar

The Brown-Bag Seminar is an ideal opportunity to present your work and to receive valuable comments and suggestions. You are invited to submit work in progress or a complete paper in all fields of finance and related topics. The seminar takes place every Wednesday from 2 to 3 pm in the "DZ Bank lecture room" (E.20) of the House of Finance (Campus Westend).

There are only very few rules for this seminar:

1. Presentations are to be held in English.
2. The seminar starts exactly at 2 pm and ends at 3 pm.
3. Questions from participants are allowed at all times.

To fix a date, contact Julian Thimme (julian.thimme[at]hof.uni-frankfurt[dot]de). Please always submit a title, an abstract, all authors and their affiliations together with your application. Please note that registration implies the obligation to deliver a presentation! We kindly ask presenters to commit to participate in other sessions, too.

Date Speaker Topic
24 Apr 2019 Florian Balke Leverage ratio – Empirical evidence of the backstop function to risk based capital requirements
08 Mai 2019 Olga Gorbachev TBA
15 Mai 2019 Finance Seminar: Antoinette Schoar Finance Seminar: Antoinette Schoar
22 Mai 2019 Holger Kraft TBA
29 Mai 2019 Finance Seminar: Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr Finance Seminar: Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr
05 Jun 2019 Tobias Sichert TBA
12 Jun 2019 Nora Pankratz TBA
19 Jun 2019 Nils Bertschinger Systemic Greeks: Measuring risk in financial networks
26 Jun 2019 Julia Kapraun (In)Credibly Green
03 Jul 2019 Christine Laudenbach TBA
10 Jul 2019 Tobin Hanspal TBA
24 Jul 2019 Jan Keil TBA
25 Sep 2019 Nora Laurinaityte TBA