Neue Publikation in Journal of Development Economics: Poverty and perseverance: The detrimental effect of poverty on effort provision

Zahra Sharafi, 2022, Journal of Development Economics. [published online: 31. December 2022] Abstract: Perseverance, known as provision and continuation of effort, is a decisive factor in the accomplishment of all goals. Poverty, however, can impair this crucial skill. In this paper, I analyze the causal effect of poverty on perseverance in an education context with adolescents in Iran....[mehr]


+++ AWARD +++ Linus Büttner - Main-Campus Scholarship of the Polytechnic Society Foundation

Linus Büttner, Master student of International Management (Managerial Economics & Marketing Analytics), former Student Assistant at the Chair of Innovation and Entrepreneurship with focus on Japan/East Asia, and a prospective PhD candidate, obtained a Main-Campus Scholarship of the Polytechnic Society Foundation.[mehr]


Neue Publikation in British Journal of Management: Responsible investment and stock market shocks: Short-term insurance without persistence

Jana Eisenkopf, Steffen Juranek, Uwe Walz, 2022, British Journal of Management. [published online: 28. October 2022] Abstract: We investigate the differential effect of the COVID-19 shock on the share prices of firms with different levels of ESG (environmental, social and governance) scores. Thereby, we analyse whether and to what extent higher ESG ratings provided insurance for investors in...[mehr]


Neue Publikation in Journal of Data and Information Quality: Design and Implementation of a Historical Firm-level Financial Database

Dennis Gram, Pantelis Karapanagiotis, Marius Liebald, Uwe Walz, September 2022, Journal of Data and Information Quality, Volume 14, Issue 3, Article No. 19, 1-22, Abstract: Broad, long-term financial, and economic datasets are scarce resources, particularly in the European context. In this article, we present an approach for an extensible data model that is adaptable to...[mehr]


Studentische Hilfskräfte gesucht für die Professur für Organisation und Management und FLEX

Die Professur für Organisation und Management und das Frankfurter Labor für Experimentelle Wirtschaftsforschung (FLEX) suchen mehrere Studentische Hilfskräfte (w/m/d). Nähere Informationen finden Sie hier.[mehr]


Informationsveranstaltung zu Bachelorarbeiten 20. Oktober 2022,10:00 -11:00 Professur Friebel, Professur Kosfeld und Professur Walz

Falls Sie am Lehrstuhl von Prof. Friebel, von Prof. Kosfeld oder von Prof. Walz Ihre Bachelorarbeit schreiben möchten, lesen Sie bitte die Präsentationsfolien mit allen relevanten Informationen, die Sie unter folgendem Link finden. [link] Wir setzen voraus, dass der Inhalt der Präsentation allen von uns betreuten Studentinnen und Studenten bekannt ist. Die Informationsveranstaltung findet am...[mehr]


Nomination for the DRUID 2022 Award for Best Young Scholar Paper

The Paper “Obvious Patents are not Obvious: AI for Detecting Weak Patents” submitted by Egbert Amoncio for the DRUID 2022 Conference (13.-15.06.2022, Copenhagen) was one of the three nominees for the DRUID 2022 Steven Klepper Award for Best Young Scholar Paper. Paper: “Obvious Patents are not Obvious: AI for Detecting Weak Patents” Abstract:  The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)...[mehr]

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