Neue Publikation in Journal Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences: Underrepresentation of women in the economics profession more pronounced in the United States compared to heterogeneous Europe

Auriol Emmanuelle, Guido Friebel, Alisa Weinberger und Sascha Wilhelm, 2022, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119 (16), Abstract: Based on a dataset that we collected from the top research institutions in economics around the globe (including universities, business schools, and other organizations, such as central banks), we document the...[mehr]


Informationsveranstaltung zu Bachelorarbeiten 13. April 2022: Professur Friebel, Professur Kosfeld und Professur Walz

Falls Sie am Lehrstuhl von Prof. Friebel, von Prof. Kosfeld oder von Prof. Walz Ihre Bachelorarbeit schreiben möchten, lesen Sie bitte die Präsentationsfolien mit allen relevanten Informationen, die Sie unter folgendem Link finden. Wir setzen voraus, dass der Inhalt der Präsentation allen von uns betreuten Studentinnen und Studenten bekannt ist. Die Informationsveranstaltung findet am 13. April...[mehr]


Artikel in Zeitschrift Capital zur Studie von Prof. Guido Friebel

Der Artikel in der Zeitschrift Capital vom 27. Januar 2022 beschäftigt sich mit den Auswirkungen von reduzierten Bonuszahlungen auf das Verhalten von Mitarbeitern und bezieht sich auf die Studie von Prof. Guido Friebel und Miriam Krüger "A Pay Change and Its Long-term Consequences", die demnächst im Journal of Labor Economics veröffentlicht wird.  Den Link zum Artikel finden Sie...[mehr]


Birkbeck’s Paper Development Workshop: Best Full Paper Award for Thanos Fragkandreas, Leo Leitzinger and Marius Liebald

We congratulate Thanos Fragkandreas, Leo Leitzinger and Marius Liebald for the Best Full Paper Award they received for their submitted paper: “Is the Linear Model of Innovation Actually Dead? A ‘Topic-Sentiment Analysis’ of Policy Documents.” Please find read more here.[mehr]


Neue Publikation in the Journal of Technology Transfer: University Satellite Institutes as Exogenous Facilitators of Technology Transfer Ecosystem Development

University Satellite Institutes as Exogenous Facilitators of Technology Transfer Ecosystem Development, Conlé, M.; Kroll, H., Storz, C., & ten Brink, T., 2021<conlé,>, The Journal of Technology Transfer, [published online 5. December 2021] Abstract: Universities can contribute to knowledge-based regional development not only in their home region but...[mehr]


Neue Publikation in Schmalenbach Journal of Business Research: " Entrepreneur's Exit Strategy Intentions and Their Final Exit Paths"

Entrepreneurs' Exit Strategy Intentions and Their Final Exit Paths, Sascha Hohen, Lars Schweizer, 2021, Schmalenbach Journal of Business Research, [published online 23. November 2021] Abstract: This paper explores entrepreneurs’ initially intended exit strategies and compares them to their final exit paths using an inductive approach that builds on the grounded...[mehr]


The paper "The Hidden Costs of Control" by A. Falk and M. Kosfeld is reviewed in new book

The paper „The Hidden Costs of Control” (Link) by Armin Falk and Michael Kosfeld is reviewed in the new book The Art of Experimental Economics – Twenty Top Papers Reviewed edited by Gary Charness and Mark Pingle. (Link) The book “identifies and reviews 20 of the most important papers to have been published in experimental economics in order to highlight the power and methods of this area,...[mehr]