AMOS (Applied Microeconomics and Organization Seminar)

The Applied Microeconomics and Organization Seminar of Goethe University and Frankfurt School takes place

usually at Wednesdays 2.15 pm, room: RuW building 4.201.


Contact: Navid Sabet, sabet[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de
Contact mailing list: Gisela Heichele, heichele[at]econ.uni-frankfurt[dot]de

Date Speaker Topic
14 Jun 2023 Hans-Theo Normann (HHU Düsseldorf) Cooperation in Multiplayer Dilemmas
21 Jun 2023 Anna Maria Mayda (Georgetown University) The fiscal impact of immigration at the local level: Evidence from the U.S. and Italy
22 Jun 2023 Takeshi Murooka (Osaka University) Optimal Trade Mechanisms with Adverse Selection and Inferential Naivety
28 Jun 2023 Katharina Spieß (Bundesinstitut für Bevölkerungsforschung) Early Education and Care Services to Ukrainian Refugee Mothers: Effects on Employment, Well-Being and Integration
05 Jul 2023 Jed Stiglitz (Cornell Law School) Empty Reasons? Evidence from a Natural Experiment on the Effect of Public Reasoning Requirements
12 Jul 2023 Harry Garretsen (University of Groningen) The Brexit Referendum and directive leadership:Using matching to establish causality