Information for Change into Modified Study Regulations

Starting with the winter term 2014, there will be a modified set of study regulations for the master’s program in International Economics and Economic Policy (MIEEP), which can be found here. All “new” students will automatically study according to the modified rules. For all “old” students that began their studies before the winter term 2014, there are two options:

  • Continue and finish their studies as planned according to the old study regulations (finish by the end of the summer term 2016 latest).
  • Switch to the modified set of rules. Please note that once the switch has been carried out, it cannot be reversed.

The following table should give an overview of important changes that come with the modified study regulations:

Former study regulations (2008)

Modified study regulations (2014)

“Fundamentals of International Economics” mandatory course of the first semester; has to be passed within the first two semesters.

This course will no longer be mandatory, but can be selected as one of the semi-elective courses from the area “International Economics”.

At least two supplementary courses have to be taken throughout the master studies. Additional supplementary courses must be taken in pairs, thereby counting as an elective (6 CP).

Two supplementary courses are still mandatory, but there is no possibility to take more than two of these courses as part of the master’s degree.

All failed classes and seminars can be retaken once. After the second unsuccessful attempt, students have failed their master studies and wll be exmatriculated.

All failed classes and seminars can be retaken twice. After the third unsuccessful attempt, students have failed their master studies and will be exmatriculated

Permission to begin master's thesis after completion of fundamental courses plus any five other modules.

Upon completion of at least 60 CP, including all three fundamental courses, students will receive permission to register for the master's thesis.


Requirements for change into modified study regulations

Independent from the semester count, every student of the MIEEP with an entitlement for further examinations can change into the modified set of rules.

Recognition of modules

All completed and also failed examinations will be transferred. Therefore, a retake of a previously failed course/seminar will still count as the second try. A partial recognition of credits is not possible.

This also means that in case of a student having completed more than two supplementary courses (3 CP), all courses will remain part of his or her degree. The excessive modules (above two) will most likely be added together to build 6 CP modules, but there might also be a solution, where all supplementary courses will remain as single entries with their respective titles. Even if the current number of completed supplementary courses is three, the third supplementary course will not be lost. Instead, the student will have to finish his or her master's degree with 123 CP as there is no possibility to take a fourth supplementary module under the modified rules.

Semester count/semester leave

The semester count is not influenced in any way by the decision to change into the modified study regulations. This change does also not affect any decisions regarding a semester leave.


If you want to study according to the modified regulations, you will have to write an informal request with your full name and matriculation number to the examination office. An e-mail is not sufficient.

Please note that once a request for a change has been confirmed, it cannot be reversed.