Tuition Fees and Scholarships

There are no tuition fees for students of the MMF program. However, students are obliged to pay an administrative fee to Goethe University which currently amounts to about 370 EUR per semester. This fee includes unlimited use of public transport in Frankfurt and the whole Federal State of Hessen.



The University offers Goethe Goes Global scholarships for Master students who have completed their undergraduate degree outside of Germany. For more information, please see Please direct all questions regarding this scholarship to the scholarship providers. 

There are also several scholarship-awarding organizations.

  • The most extensive scholarship program is that offered by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). Advanced students may apply for DAAD scholarships, or depending on their country of origin and subject, in some cases only graduates may apply.
  • Other scholarship-awarding institutions have varying conditions, for example, regarding country of origin, subject, previous study achievements, duration of support, etc. A very quick and efficient way of finding out about the appropriate scholarship is through using the scholarship database of DAAD.
  • The Goethe Money and Macro Association (GMMA), the alumni association of graduates of the Department of Money and Macroeconomics, offers an academic prize to the student with the highest average grade in MMF courses taken during the first year.