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Development Economics II: Microeconomic Aspects of Development

The most famous  graduate microdevelopment textbook (Bardhan and Udry, 1999) starts its preface with this intriguing Tolstoyan sentence: "All happy families are alike but an unhappy family is unhappy after its own fashion.''  In the present course we aim to shed light on the meaning of this riddle through the study of aspects of the economic development process using microeconomic theory and microeconometric data analysis.

This course provides a household perspective of a series of topics related to the process of integration to the contemporary economic life and the description of poverty conditions and its determinants in the so-called "less developed countries.'' One section of the course will be devoted to the description of the household decision process, both as a consumer and a producer,  under conditions of missing or incomplete markets. Another part of the course will be dedicated to the analysis of the conditions that determine the  incapability to reach well-being and the lack of opportunities to effectively participate in a society, as well as to some of the individual and social consequences of poverty.

A distinction between rural and urban households will often be made, since the transition from the traditional agricultural production to the modern production sectors (mainly located in urban areas) is at the core of the the main theories of economic development.

Requirements: It is assumed that students have prior knowledge of econometrics at the level of "Fundamentals of Econometrics" and knowledge of microeconomic theory at the level of "Fundamentals of Microeconomics".

Syllabus (Winter Term 2015-16)

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