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Topics in International Trade

While most theoretical trade models predict net win-win situations for international integration, many groups oppose free trade and globalization in general. Are they right or wrong? Who are the losers and who are the winners of economic integration? are people in least developed countries victims of the world trade system? Should a country always aim for integration in the global economy? Should it promote the trade of goods, but limit immigration?

The purpose of this course is to shed some light on these issues by reviewing recent research on topics of the economics of globalization. The focus will be mainly (but not exclusively) on empirical studies related to: trade and development, migration, offshoring, the international trading system, and foreign aid.

Requirements: It is assumed that students have prior knowledge of econometrics at the level of "Fundamentals of Econometrics" and knowledge of international trade theory at the level of "Fundamentals of International Economics".

Syllabus (Winter Term 2012/2013)

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