Prof. Dr. Andreas Barth

E-Mail andreas.barth@finance.uni-frankfurt.de
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Prof. Dr. Peter Henning

Telefon: +49(69) 798-30031
E-Mail: henning@econ.uni-frankfurt.de
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Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Dr. Steffen Kern

Telefon:+49(69) 798-30031
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-        Risks and regulation of securities markets, derivatives markets, UCITS, AIF and MMF investment funds, and financial market infrastructures incl. Central Counter Parties (CCPs) and trading venues

-        Stress testing for CCPs and investment funds

-        EU financial market law and regulation

-        Systemic risk and macroprudential policies

-        International financial market policy agendas (G20, FSB, IOSCO, ESRB, ESMA)

 Curriculum Vitae