Brown Bag Seminar Archive

Date Speaker Topic
15 Okt 2015 No Seminar
22 Okt 2015 Rajesh Ramachandran Language Use in Education and Human Capital Formation: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Ethiopia
29 Okt 2015 No Seminar
05 Nov 2015 Sascha Wilhelm Price Matching as a Strategic Device: Evidence from German Petrol Stations
12 Nov 2015 Christine Zulehner Analysis of Mergers in First-Price Auctions
19 Nov 2015 Ferdinand von Siemens Illusion of Control and the Pursuit of Authority
26 Nov 2015 Vivek Ghosal (Georgia Institute of Technology) Competition and Innovation in Automobile Markets
03 Dez 2015 Michael Kosfeld Does trustworthiness sell?
10 Dez 2015 Stefan Pasch The Long-Run Effects of War: Population Losses in 30 Years War and Crime Rates in Prussia 1900
17 Dez 2015 No Seminar
14 Jan 2016 No Seminar
21 Jan 2016 Kevin Bauer Endogenous Sorting of Heterogeneous Individuals
28 Jan 2016 Steffen Peterskovsky Welfare Consequences of Continuous and Discrete Trading on Financial Exchanges
04 Feb 2016 Daniel Krähmer (University Bonn) tba
11 Feb 2016 tba
14 Apr 2016 Christine Zulehner Clustering of Firm Strategies in E-Commerce
21 Apr 2016 No Seminar
28 Apr 2016 Aloysius Siow Occupational choice and matching in the labor market
05 Mai 2016 No Seminar (Christi Himmelfahrt)
12 Mai 2016 Liza Charroin Sequentiality and heterogeneity in network formation games
19 Mai 2016 Marie Lalanne Job networks and independent board appointments: Evidence from US publicly quoted companies
26 Mai 2016 No Seminar (Fronleichnam)
02 Jun 2016 Tim Uhle Beliefs and Overconfidence: An Online Experiment
09 Jun 2016 Florian Morath Escalation in experimental contests?
16 Jun 2016 Thomas Große Brinkhaus What else do you know? Incentives for signaling to an informed sender
23 Jun 2016 Jan Luksic The Macro Labor Supply Revisited: Integrating Taxes and Expenditures
27 Jun 2016 Iwan Barankay Challenges and Solutions of Running Health Field Experiments in Behavioral Economics
30 Jun 2016 Marciano Siniscalchi Structural rationality in dynamic games
07 Jul 2016 Michalis Drouvelis Prosociality Spillovers of Working in Groups
14 Jul 2016 Patrick Schneider Social Interaction Effects in Labor Supply
20 Okt 2016 Daniel Gross, Harvard Business School Creativity Under Fire: The Effects of Competition on Creative Production
27 Okt 2016 Steffen Eibelshäuser Sequential Price Competition with Finite Horizon: Evidence from the German Retail Gasoline Market
03 Nov 2016 André Gröger Easy Come, Easy Go? Economic Shocks, Labor Migration and the Family Left Behind
10 Nov 2016 Galina Zudenkova, University of Mannheim Electoral Accountability and Inter-District Externalities
17 Nov 2016 Florian Hett Choosing Who You Are: The Structure and Behavioral Effects of Revealed Identification Preferences
24 Nov 2016 Christopher Roth Experienced Inequality and Preferences for Redistribution
01 Dez 2016 Na Zou Who has a higher propensity of forming networks?
08 Dez 2016 Sylwia Bialek Monopolies and the Commons: Trading off the Yield and Disease Probability
15 Dez 2016 Christine Laudenbach How to overcome correlation neglect?
22 Dez 2016 Devesh Rustagi Democracy and Social Capital
12 Jan 2017 No Seminar
19 Jan 2017 No Seminar (PhD-level Mini Course on "Machine Learning" by Stephen Hansen, University Pompeu Fabra)
26 Jan 2017 Jin Huang To Glance or to Peruse: Observational and Active Learning from Peer Customers
30 Jan 2017 Spyros Terovitis Motivating Information Acquisition Under Delegation
02 Feb 2017 Guillaume Fréchette, NYU Cooperation in the Finitely Repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma
07 Feb 2017 Grigorios Spanos The Impact of Market Size on Firm Organization and Productivity
08 Feb 2017 Anovia Dai Consumer Search and Optimal Pricing under Limited Commitment
09 Feb 2017 No Seminar (MM Research Colloquium)
20 Apr 2017 Ramona Grieb Managerial Discretion in Japan and the USA
27 Apr 2017 Alessandro Gioffré How to Build Trust by Investing in Cooperation
04 Mai 2017 No Seminar (PhD-level Mini Course on "Organizations" by Jacques Crémer, Toulouse School of Economics)
11 Mai 2017 Jan Zabojnik (Queen's University) Firm Reputation and Employee Startups
18 Mai 2017 Sonja Settele The effect of cigarette taxes during pregnancy on educational outcomes of the next generation
25 Mai 2017 No Seminar (Ascension Day)
01 Jun 2017 No Seminar
08 Jun 2017 Felix König Superstar Earner and Market Size: Evidence from the Entertainment Industry
15 Jun 2017 No Seminar (Corpus Christi)
22 Jun 2017 Heiko Karle Segmentation versus Agglomeration: Competition between Platforms with Competitive Sellers
29 Jun 2017 Ferdinand von Siemens Men or women: Who is more interested in appearing prosocial?
06 Jul 2017 Kevin Bauer Group Status, Identification and Social Norms
13 Jul 2017 Maíra Sontag González Preference Heterogeneity and the Effectiveness of Commitment Devices
20 Jul 2017 Rajesh Ramachandran The Persistence of Traditional Caste Hierarchies: The Role of Affirmative Action, Early Childhood Outcomes and Discrimination
19 Okt 2017 Patrick Schneider Conflict, Cooperation, and the Role of Gender
02 Nov 2017 Volker Benndorf An Experiment on Partial Cross-Ownership in Oligopolistic Markets
09 Nov 2017 Jan Krzyzanowski Patented Innovations in Europe – The Impact of Financial Resources on Innovation Quality
16 Nov 2017 Eva Berger (University of Mainz) Do Primary School Students Benefit from Working Memory Training in Class? A Randomized Field Experiment
23 Nov 2017 Lea Cassar (University of Cologne) cancelled
07 Dez 2017 Jean Tirole (Toulouse School of Economics) (special lecture) Marking to Market versus Taking to Market
14 Dez 2017 Thomas Große Brinkhaus Empirical testing of Signaling Theory
21 Dez 2017 Markus Nisch (Goethe University) The Role of Heuristics in Innovation Project Selection
11 Jan 2018 Andreas Grunewald Search Frictions and Obfuscation in Loan Intermediation: Evidence from Auto Dealers
18 Jan 2018 Patrick Schneider Peer Effects in Labor Supply
25 Jan 2018 Johanna Glauber (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich) Learning from failure across products
01 Feb 2018 Anna Rohlfing-Bastian Incentive Provision and Optimal Team Size for Managing Innovation
12 Apr 2018 Zahra Sharafi-Avarzaman The Paralyzing Impact of Poverty on the Skills Needed for its Inhibition
19 Apr 2018 Rajesh Ramachandran Vernacularization and Institutional Change: Evidence from the Reformations
26 Apr 2018 Na Zou Rethinking the structural holes paradigm: the case of Chinese micro-entrepreneurs
03 Mai 2018 Jan Luksic Red Tape? The Revenue Impact of the VAT Filing Thresholds
07 Mai 2018 Jean-Philippe Platteau Buy as You Need: Nutrition and Food Storage Imperfections
10 Mai 2018 No Seminar (Ascension Day)
24 Mai 2018 Homayoon Moradi (Berlin Doctoral Program in Economics and Management Science) Sunspots in Global Games: Theory and Experiment
31 Mai 2018 No Seminar (Corpus Christi)
07 Jun 2018 Wouter Dessein (Columbia Business School) What drives task allocation and delegation? Micro-level evidence on managerial authority
14 Jun 2018 Liza Reed (Carnegie Mellon University) Infrastructure as an innovation engine: A techno-economic analysis of HVDC conversion for increasing transmission capacity
21 Jun 2018 David Heller The Impact of Financial Resources on Corporate Innovation: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from European Financial Integration
05 Jul 2018 Moritz John The Role of Accelerators in the Performance of Start-ups
12 Jul 2018 Na Zou Innovation in a state-led economy: China’s efforts in exploring and exploiting new knowledge
18 Okt 2018 Michael Grubb (Boston College) Sending out an SMS: Two studies of overdraft alerts (12.30-13.45)
25 Okt 2018 Alex Imas (Carnegie Mellon University) Selling Fast and Buying Slow: Heuristics and Trading Performance of Institutional Investors (12.30 - 13.45)
01 Nov 2018 Volker Benndorf General 2x2 Games With Coupled Populations: An Experiment in Continuous Time
08 Nov 2018 David Poensgen Learned Impatience? Dispersed Reinforcement and Time Discounting
15 Nov 2018 Daniel Ehnes Downsizing Strategies and Knowledge Intensity - Evidence from Investor Response to Downsizing Announcements
22 Nov 2018 Gabriel Smagghue (University Carlos III of Madrid) Learn or Leave? How Online Poker Players deal with Decision Making Bias
13 Dez 2018 David Heller Intellectual Property and leverage: The role of patent stocks (Co-Autor Andrej Gill - Uni Mainz)
17 Jan 2019 Luis Cabral (NYU) Standing on the Shoulders of Dwarfs: Dominant Firms and Innovation Incentives (12.30 -13.45)
24 Jan 2019 Steffen Eibelshäuser Markov Quantal Response Equilibrium and a Homotopy Method for Computing and Selecting Markov Perfect Equilibria of Dynamic Stoch
31 Jan 2019 Sergey Turlo Persuasion Through Ordered Information
18 Apr 2019 Sonja Settele  "How do beliefs about the gender wage gap affect the demand for public policy?"
25 Apr 2019 Johannes Wohlfahrt TBA
02 Mai 2019 No Seminar (FLEX Conference)
16 Mai 2019 Panu Poutvaara (CESifo Munich) Redistributive Politics with Target-Specific Beliefs (12:30-13:45)
23 Mai 2019 Nathanael Vellekoop Borrowing from Family and Friends: Preferences, Peers, and Personality (Co-Author Olga Goldfayn [Goethe and Bundesbank])
06 Jun 2019 Kathryn Shaw (Stanford University) Spurring Serious Small-scale Entrepreneurship: A Policy Experiment to Lower Entry Costs (12:30 -13:45)
27 Jun 2019 Martin Hoefer Dynamic Recommendation Problems
04 Jul 2019 Victor Klockmann A Model of Persistent Effects from Behavioral Interventions (Co-Autor Alicia von Schenk)
11 Jul 2019 Na Zou Anti-corruption drive and corporate frauds
18 Jul 2019 Sascha Wilhelm Price Matching and Edgeworth Cycles
17 Okt 2019 Sebastian Schuler Regulating Commissions in the Presence of Price Competition
31 Okt 2019 Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt "Salience Effects in Portfolio Selection" (Co-Author Mats Köster)
07 Nov 2019 Fatemeh Zare "The Role of Analysts in Earnings Conference Call"
28 Nov 2019 Navid Sabet "Legal Status and Political Representation"
19 Dez 2019 Rann Smorodinsky (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology) The Implications of Pricing on Social Learning (Co-Authors: Itai Arieli and Moran Koren)
23 Jan 2020 Michael Kosfeld Parallelism in Economic Lab Experiments: The Case of “Behavioral Measurement"
30 Jan 2020 Matthias Hanauske (Goethe University) Evolutionary quantum game theory on complex socio-economic networks
06 Feb 2020 Ferdinand von Siemens (joint with Victor Klockmann and Alicia von Schenk) Knowledge Hierarchies and the Efficient Division of Labor: Evidence from a Laboratory Experiment
23 Apr 2020 Anna Kerkhof (University of Cologne) CANCELLED Advertising and Content Differentiation: Evidence from YouTube (Thursday, 12:30 - 13:45)
07 Mai 2020 Daniel Ehnes Should Corporate Culture Be Implemented Top-Down or Bottom-Up? Cultural Gaps Over Time and Firm Performance
14 Mai 2020 Xiao Li Ownership of Enterprises and State Capacity
04 Jun 2020 Guido Friebel Careers of knowledge workers in a financial institution
18 Jun 2020 Aditya Aradhye (Maastricht University) Sender-receiver stopping games
09 Jul 2020 Pantelis Karapanagiotis Dynamic Choice with Volitional Attention
26 Nov 2020 Egbert Amoncio (joint with Rajesh Ramachandran and Cornelia Storz) "No Silver Bullet: Access to Digital Technologies and Returns to Micro-Entrepreneurs"
03 Dez 2020 Henning Hermes (Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen) "Behavioral Barriers and the Socioeconomic Gap in Child Care Enrollment"
10 Dez 2020 Jean Wang Enhance Cross-border Communication during Chinese Outbound M&A Integration: A PLS-SEM Path for Its Influential Factors
17 Dez 2020 Egbert Amoncio (joint with Cornelia Storz and Na Zou) TBA
14 Jan 2021 Sascha Hohen Entrepreneurs’ Identity Work Tactics in Response to Conflicting Identities
21 Jan 2021 Tristan Stahl (joint with Guido Friebel) Teams and Careers in an International Financial Institution
28 Jan 2021 Maria Betancourt Hurtado (University of Copenhagen) “Do principals in schools matter? The impact of the school principal on teachers’ effort”
04 Feb 2021 Stefan Lobin (joint with Uwe Walz) "The coexistence of patent-pools"
11 Feb 2021 Marius Liebald TBA
18 Feb 2021 Christian Hüning TBA
22 Apr 2021 Navid Sabet Redistricting and Immigrant Legalization: An Empirical Investigation
06 Mai 2021 Moses Shayo (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) On the Workings of Tribal Politics
20 Mai 2021 Ferdinand von Siemens Helping and Antisocial Behavior in Firms - The Role of Employee Personality, Preferences, and Leadership
10 Jun 2021 Julian Detemple Collective Action and Institution Formation - The Role of Group Size
17 Jun 2021 Leo Leitzinger The Use of Intellectual Property Rights as Loan Collateral
24 Jun 2021 Christian Hüning The CSR Department and Organizational Learning: Effects on Tax Strategy
01 Jul 2021 Egbert Amoncio How to identify knowledge embedded in visual images? AI and Big Data on Design Patents
08 Jul 2021 Navid Sabet TBA
21 Okt 2021 Esther Chevrot Market Participation and Moral Universalism: Experimental Evidence from Greenland
11 Nov 2021 Ingrid Haegele (Berkeley) Talent Hoarding in Organizations (Thursday 12:30 -13:30 at Goethe University)
18 Nov 2021 Dr. Alexander Ludwig A Stage-Based Method to Identify Policy Effects
25 Nov 2021 Gosh Arijit TBA
02 Dez 2021 Stefan Lobin Innovation races in a finite time horizon
09 Dez 2021 David Poengsen The Logarithmic Stochastic Tracing Procedure
16 Dez 2021 Yan Chen (University of Michigan) Virtual Teams in a Gig Economy
27 Jan 2022 Heiner Schumacher Competitive Markets and Boundedly Rational Expectations
10 Feb 2022 Na Zou Like (grand)father, like son: Intergeneration transmission of entrepreneurial culture
21 Apr 2022 Michael Kosfeld Groupy Opinion Formation
05 Mai 2022 Volker Nocke (University of Mannheim) Consumer Search and Choice Overload (Thursday 12:30)
12 Mai 2022 Kateřina Chadimová Carrots, Sticks, or Simplicity? Field Evidence on What Makes People Pay TV Fees
19 Mai 2022 Morten Bennedsen (University of Copenhagen) Neighborhood Firms
19 Mai 2022 Morten Bennedsen (University of Copenhagen) Neighborhood Firms
02 Jun 2022 Stefan Behringer The Value of Information and Circular Settings
09 Jun 2022 Steffen Eibelshäuser Frequent Batch Auctions and Informed Trading
23 Jun 2022 Egbert Amoncio Weak Patents: AI for Detecting Obviousness
30 Jun 2022 Sebastian Koch Facial Homophily in Corporate Law Firms
07 Jul 2022 Heiko Karle Search Costs and Diminishing Sensitivity
07 Jul 2022 Casper Berg Lavmand Larsen (Copenhagen Business School) Worker Representation and Job Quality
14 Jul 2022 Tristan Stahl Interdisciplinary Research in Economics
10 Nov 2022 Navid Sabet Immigrant Legalization and the Quality and Quantity of Hispanic Schooling
17 Nov 2022 Prakash Pathak The Consequences of Repeat Exams and Score Manipulation for Graduation Success: Evidence from Nepal
01 Dez 2022 Caroline Coly (University Bocconi) It's a man's world: culture of abuse, #MeToo and worker flows
15 Dez 2022 Julian Detemple Sensitivity of Behavior in an Allocation Game Evidence from The Gambia
12 Jan 2023 Guido Friebel Is This Really Kneaded? Ask the Manager! A Large-scale Trial on the Effects of Paperwork Reduction
26 Jan 2023 Ying Liang (University of Mainz) The Role of Working Hours: Heterogeneous Effects of the Minimum Wage
02 Feb 2023 Carl Hase (University of Mainz) Minimum Wage Pass-through to Wholesale and Retail Prices: Evidence from the Washington State Cannabis Industry
20 Apr 2023 Stefan Behringer (SciencesPo) Optimal Experimentation in a Gaussian Environment
11 Mai 2023 Laurie Ciaramella (Télécom Paris – Institut Polytechnique de Paris) Young Innovative Companies
25 Mai 2023 Erika Bognar Social Sustainability and Firm Performance
22 Jun 2023 Marcel Preuss (Cornell University) Online Advertising, Data Sharing, and Consumer Control (12:00-13:00)
22 Jun 2023 Takeshi Murooka (Osaka University) Optimal Trade Mechanisms with Adverse Selection and Inferential Naivety (13:00-14:00)
29 Jun 2023 Julian Detemple Thinking about Games
13 Jul 2023 Marlene Herz R&D Subsidy, TMT Diversity and Innovation
13 Jul 2023 Zahra Sharafi Adult Outcomes and Childhood Circumstances

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