Current jour fixe dates

Winter semester 2014/2015 - 12:15-13:45 - RuW 2.201
13.01.2014 TBA



Summer semester 2014 - 12:15-13:45
22.04.2014, RuW 1.202Presentation Lukas Wiewiorra
08.07.2014, RuW 2.202 Gökhan Bal "Improving Privacy Risk Communication in Smartphone App Ecosystems" Abstract




For the registration for a date please note

  • Registrations have to follow 4 weeks in advance.
  • The title of the lecture, an abstract and the “Matrikelnummer” are required.
  • Please register via E-Mail at foko(at)

For questions about the content please contact Mr. Fatbardh Veseli.

Students interested in the topics are cordially invited to participate. If not stated differently the dates take place during the semester each third Tuesday per month from 14:15 – 15:45 in room 2.202 (Campus Westend, RuW-building).             

Past jour fixe dates