Dr. Ingo Sauer

Phone:+49 (69) 798-34781

Goethe University Frankfurt
RuW, Postbox 47
Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 4
60629 Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Room:RuW 4.218




Specialist presentation,Börsenzeitung Kundenforum: 75 jähriges Jubiläum” (11/2022), audience of about 100 financial experts

Specialist presentation, “Bundesverband öffentlicher Zinssteuerung” (11/2022), audience of about 80 city treasurers, “Fundraising Tour“: 500 € remuneration donated to chair (YT-channel)

Winner of Teaching Evaluation (summer term 2022, „Bachelor Grundlagen“), Vorlesung: Einführung in die Volkswirtschaftslehre

Winner of Teaching Evaluation (summer term 2021, „Bachelor Vertiefung“), Vorlesung: Das monetäre System und die aktuelle Krise in Europa

Visiting professor, Université Lumière Lyon (summer term 2021)

Teaching during the pandemic (“Einführung in die Volkswirtschaftslehre”): students have a RIGHT TO KNOWLEDGE and therefore I offer face-to-face (classroom) lectures under strict hygiene regulations (as the only option for all students in the foundation courses during the summer term 2021)

Fachschaftspreis für exzellente Lehre: Best teaching award from the Student Council of the faculty Economics and Business Administration (12/2020)

Interview: Daniel Stelter’s Podcast „Inflation – das Gift in der Bilanz der EZB“ (10/2020)

Study about students’ mental receptiveness with one of my lecture videos by Leschs Kosmos (ZDF, German television), broadcasting date of „Schule der Zukunft“ (27/10/2020)

Nominee of the Department Economics and Business Administration from Goethe University Frankfurt for the complete university’s best teaching award 1822-Universitätspreis für exzellente Lehre (07/2019)

WISAG-Preis: Prize for best dissertation in social sciences at Goethe University (06/2019)


Teaching/lectures (current and recent)


Lecture: Einführung in die Volkswirtschaftslehre, Goethe University Frankfurt (summer term 2022, winter term 2022/23), Course Evaluation, Winner of Teaching Evaluation (summer term 2022)

Lecture: Das monetäre System und die aktuelle Krise in Europa, Goethe University Frankfurt, (summer semester 2021), Course Evaluation, Winner of Teaching Evaluation (summer term 2021)

Lecture: Geld und Währung, DHBW Mannheim (every winter term)

Lecture (visiting professor): Wirtschafts- und Sozialpolitik, Université Lumière Lyon (summer semester 2021)


Teaching/lectures (older, selection)

Lecture: German and European Central Banking, University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt and Goethe University Frankfurt (several years), Course Evaluation

Lecture: Introductory Economics, Vietnamese-German University, Ho Chi Minh City (several years)

Lecture: Fundamentals of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, DHBW Mannheim (several years)

Lecture: Economics, Finance and Accounting, Graduate School Rhein Neckar (several years), Course Evaluation

Exercise session: Einführung in die Volkswirtschaftslehre, Goethe University Frankfurt (several years),  Course Evaluation

Payed Revision Courses: Statistik für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler, BWL-Kurse Frankfurt (several years)


Publications/ Work in Progress

The Lessons from 1923 for the Euro Area: Enlightening the Dark Side of Insolvent Central Banks' Balance Sheets, working paper

Defending the Euro from Inside Out: A Continuous Stress Test of the ECB’s Balance Sheet, working paper

Deep Structure Analysis of the Target-Imbalances: Combining Aggregated Balance Sheet Data at the Institutional Level with Gross Capital Flows from the Balance of Payments, working paper

The Ends of Four Big Inflations: Enlightening the Dark Side of (In-) Solvent Central Banks’ Balance-Sheets, ‘finished’ paper, submitting process to peer-reviewed journal, current version available by request.

Ownership Economics: On the Foundation of Interest, Money, Markets, Business Cycles and Economic Development. Edited by Frank Decker. Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy. Routledge, Oxford. Economica, 82: 581-582. doi:10.1111/ecca.12112

The Dissolving Asset Backing of the Euro, CESifo Forum 13, Special Issue: The European Balance of Payments Crisis edited by Hans-Werner Sinn, 63-72, online available under: http://www.cesifo-group.de/DocDL/Forum-Sonderheft-Jan-2012.pdf

Die sich auflösende Eigentumsbesicherung des Euro, ifo Schnelldienst 64(16), 58-68, online available under: www.cesifo-group.de/DocDL/SD-16-2011.pdf