Master Seminars

Please note that the application process is NOT based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Hence, there is no need to immediately apply for a seminar. All places in the Finance seminars will be distributed via the online tool, so make sure that you don't miss the deadline.

If online, you can find the online application tool directly here.


I. Sign-up process

  1. Each chair announces the offered seminar(s) before the application deadline (see timeline). Information about the seminars is provided on the Finance Department’s homepage.
  2. Sign-up for seminars is done online through the sign-up form which will be made available on the Finance website. Please follow the menu navigation and be advised that all information will be checked. False information will lead to an exclusion from the application procedure. With successful completion of the sign-up procedure, you will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail. Until the application deadline, information on the completed sign-up form can be changed using your matriculation number and password stated in the registration e-mail. For the allocation of seminar spaces the date of completion of the sign-up form is not important as long as it is submitted before the application deadline.
  3. A list of preferences for the seminars can be submitted during sign-up. Please be advised, that in case one or several seminars are not included on the preference list and there is high demand for seminars, it is possible to be assigned a seminar which was not on the submitted preference list or not to be assigned a seminar at all.
  4. Once the allocation process is completed, students will be informed by e-mail about the final and binding sign-up for the seminars.


II. Timeline

Application period

02.10.2017 - 10.10.2017

Publication of seminars' allocation


Official registration

12.10.2017 - 25.10.2017


III. Allocation of seminars

Seminars are allocated based on the preference list provided during sign-up. For seminars with more applicants than available spaces, spaces are allocated according to seminars, and chance. Students who did not get assigned to their first preference will be allocated according to their next preference, given that there are available spaces.


IV. Technical difficulties and other problems

For technical difficulties during the sign-up procedure, please contact Dr. Vanya Horneff (vhorneff[at]finance.uni-frankfurt[dot]de).