Former post-docs and assistant professors

Dr. Benjamin Loos


Main research interests

Household Finance, Behavioral Finance, Investments

Recent Publications:

Is Unbiased Financial Advice to Retail Investors Sufficient? Answers from a Large Field Study
(mit U. Bhattacharya, A. Hackethal, S. Kaesler und S. Meyer)
Review of Financial Studies, 2012, 24(4), 975 - 1032.

Working Papers:

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Former doctoral students and Ph. D.

NameYear Title of Dissertation
Gregor Becker
2018Essays in Household Finance: Using FinTech to Measure and Influence Financial Behavior
Jenny Pirschel
2017Essays on Empirical Personal Finance: The Impact of Experiences and Sentiment on Individual Decision Making
Sebastian Scheurle
2017Essays in Empirical Personal Finance: Individual Investor Reactions to Low Interest Rates and Robo-Advice
Philipp Blommel2016Essays on German Consumer Debt Behavior
Fedor Rahn
2016Essays on retail lending in Germany
Konrad Braun
2015Essays on the German Mortage Market and the Decision-Making of Private Housholds

Thomas Etheber


Essays on investors' stock trading behavior

Felix Germann
2014Essays on Private Investors and their Experience with
Financial Advice
Franca Germann
2014Essays on Private Investors and the Relationships to their Banks
Timo Litty
2014Essays on private equity and household finance
Patrick Tilman Rochow
2014Essays on German household portfolios and the investemnt behavior of individual investors
Linda Urban
2014Essays on the Impact of Regulation and
Information on Individual Investor Behavior
Joachim Weber2014Essays on Investor Behavior and Performance
Nicolas Jabs2013Determinants of Investor Behavior
Dennis Schmoltzi2013The Investment Skills of Individual Investors - An Empirical Analysis
Thorsten Brockmeier2012Essays on Determinants of Individual Investment Behavior 

Lutz Horn

2012Investigation into the Determinants of Investor Decision Making
Yigitcan Karabulut    2012Essays on Individual Financial Behavior
Johannes Krick 2012Essays on Privat Investors' Investment Decisions, the Role of Financial Sophistication and Advice
Carl Schuster 2012Essays on Individual Investors' Portfolio Performance and Investment Mistakes
Christian Stammschulte 2012Essays on Performance of Individual Investors and Banks
Dominik Hennen 2011Essays on Private Investor Investment Behavior and Performance
Simon M. Kaesler 2011Essays on Measuring and Improving Retail Investor Performance
Maximilian Koestner 2011Essays in Household Investment Behavior
Fabian Niebling 2011Essays on Investor Behavior in Mutual Fund Investments
Jochen Schmittmann 2011Essays on Investor Behavior and Investing
Valentin Braun    2010Dynamic Copulas for Finance: An Application to Portfolio Risk Calculation
Tobias Stuber 2010Essays on Investor Behavior and Financial Innovation
Ralph Bluethgen 2008Households' Investment Decisions and the Role of Financial Advice
René Fischer 2008The Investment Process of Individual Investors and the Role of Financial Advice – Status quo and Improvement Potential
Ralf Gerhardt 2008Investment Mistakes of Private Investors and the Role of Financial Advice
Christian Jansen 2008Excellence in Financial Advisory Services
Felix Schwarze    2008Essays on Credit Process Management and Management Accounting in Banking
Armin Mueller     2007Anlageberatung bei Retailbanken - Einfluss auf das Anlageverhalten und die Performance von Kundendepots