Working Papers / Work in Progress

Measuring Ambiguity Aversion: A Systematic Experimental Approach,
(with P. Ockenfels, C. Wilde), SAFE Working Paper No. 55, June 2014 (first version: May 2012)

Monetary Policy Implementation in an Interbank Network: Effects on Systemic Risk,
(with M. Bluhm, E. Faia), SAFE Working Paper No. 46, March 2014, DFG KR1221/6-1

Endogeneous bank networks, cascades and systemic risk,
(with M. Bluhm, E. Faia), SAFE Working Paper No. 12, September 2013 (first version March 2011), DFG KR1221/6-1

Is rated debt arm’s length? Evidence from mergers and acquisitions,
(with R. Gropp and C. Hirsch), CFS Working Paper No. 380

CDO and systematic risk: why bond ratings are inadequate,
(with C. Wilde), CFS Working Paper No. 323

Does credit securitization reduce bank risk? Evidence from the European CDO market, (with D. Hänsel)

Collateral, default risk, and relationship lending: An empirical study on financial contracting,
(with R. Elsas)