Bachelor Theses

After successful participation in the university’s matching procedure the Chair of Finance offers topics from the research areas listed below. Alternatively, you may propose individual topics. Theses at the Chair of Finance typically include an empirical or theoretical part.

Registration of Theses ideally takes place in the beginning of the semester but is in principal possible until the end of the semester. 
Please abstain from further inquiries until the allocation procedure has been concluded.

Possible research areas include:

  • The Effect of Regulatory Changes on Asset Prices
  • Monetary Policy and Financial Markets
  • Banks and Global Dollar Funding
  • Quantitative Analysis of Exchange Rates
  • Textual Analysis in Finance
  • Quantitative Approaches to Digital Currencies
  • Machine Learning in Financial Markets
  • Cryptocurrency Market Microstructure
  • Machine Learning in Financial Markets
  • The Information Content of Option-Implied Moments
  • Forecasting with Option-Implied Information

For their Bachelor Theses, students are assigned by a centralized process to chairs. 

Please follow the link to examination office (only available in German)