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   Working Papers
Optimal Life-Cycle Strategies in the Presence of Interest Rate and Inflation Risk
Raimond Maurer , Christian Schlag , Michael Stamos 
October 2007, Pension Research Council Working Paper, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Articles in refereed journals
Life-Cycle Asset Allocation with Annuity Markets
Wolfram Horneff , Raimond Maurer , Michael Stamos 
in Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 32, 2008, S. 3590-3612
Optimal Dynamic Consumption and Portfolio Choice for Pooled Annuity Funds
Michael Stamos 
in Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 43, 2008, S. 56-68
Optimal Gradual Annuitization: Quantifying the Costs of Switching to Annuities
Wolfram Horneff , Raimond Maurer , Michael Stamos 
in The Journal of Risk and Insurance 75, 2008, S. 1019-1038 

Contribution to books
Erich Gutenberg and the Theory of the Firm 
Reinhard H. Schmidt 
in: H. Albach, E. Eymann, A. Luhmer und M. Steven (2000): Theory of the Firm, Berlin: Springer Verlag, PAGE 3-39.