Prof. Jürgen Weber


Following the proposal of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Jürgen Weber was appointed Honorary Professor of Economics at Goethe-University Frankfurt on 1 December 2015.

Jürgen Weber became Chief Executive Officer of Sparda-Bank Frankfurt eG in 2003, after having served as a member of its Board of Directors since 1997. Born in Baden, he previously worked as director of one of the largest German credit unions after studying business administration and gaining work experience in IT. In his capacity as CEO, Jürgen Weber was responsible for the merger of Sparda-Bank Frankfurt eG and Sparda-Bank Kassel in 2004, resulting in Sparda-Bank Hessen eG. Since that time the Hessian regional bank has grown to one of the largest German cooperative banks. Currently, the bank has more than 344.000 clients, and 291.000 are also shareholders of the bank.

From 14 December 2015 until his retirement on 01 October 2017 Jürgen Weber was President of the Association Council of the German Association of Sparda-Bank.