Call for Papers: TIE Kommissionstagung 2023 am 21.-22.09.2023 in Frankfurt

Die TIE Kommissionstagung 2023 wird am 21./22.9 an der Goethe Universität Frankfurt stattfinden. Lokale Gastgeber sind Cornelia Storz (Professur für Innovation und Entrepreneurship), Lars Schweizer (Professur für BWL, insbes. Strategisches Management) und Simone Wies (Professur für Marketing Strategy und Performance). Wir freuen uns besonders, mit Prof. Sam Garg, Ph.D. (ESSEC Business School...[more]


New publication in Journal of Political Economy: What Do Employee Referral Programs Do? Measuring the Direct and Overall Effects of a Management Practice

Guido Friebel, Matthias Heinz, Mitchell Hoffman, Nick Zubanov, 2023, Journal of Political Economy, 131(3) Abstract: Employee referral programs (ERPs) are randomly introduced in a grocery chain. On direct effects, larger referral bonuses increase referral quantity but decrease quality, though the increase in referrals from ERPs is modest. However, the overall effect of having an ERP is ...[more]


New publication in Journal of Business Research: Why do some entrepreneurs thrive? A network content perspective

Na Zou, Cornelia Storz, 2023, Journal of Business Research, 161, 113821 [Published Online: 16 March 2023] Abstract: Why do some entrepreneurs in developing environments thrive whereas others fail, even though they all face the same uncertainties? Prior research on entrepreneurial networks has attributed differences in business performance to variations in network structure. However, many ...[more]


Dr. Michael Gross has been appointed Honorary Professor

We congratulate Dr Michael Groß, who has been working with us for many years as a lecturer in the field of leadership, on the award of the title Honorary Professor and look forward to many years of cooperation. In the coming summer term, Michael Groß will offer a lecture with exercises in the Master's program on "Organization and Leadership in the Digital Age". The Master's seminar...[more]


New publication in Journal of Financial Intermediation: Fund ownership, wealth, and risk-taking: Evidence on private equity managers

Carsten Bienz, Karin S. Thorburn, Uwe Walz, 2023, Journal of Financial Intermediation [published online: 14. February 2023] Abstract: Private equity (PE) managers are required to invest their own money in the funds they manage. We examine the incentive effects of this ownership on the delegated acquisition decision. A simple model shows that PE managers select less risky firms and use more...[more]


New publication in Journal of Development Economics: Poverty and perseverance: The detrimental effect of poverty on effort provision

Zahra Sharafi, 2022, Journal of Development Economics. [published online: 31. December 2022] Abstract: Perseverance, known as provision and continuation of effort, is a decisive factor in the accomplishment of all goals. Poverty, however, can impair this crucial skill. In this paper, I analyze the causal effect of poverty on perseverance in an education context with adolescents in Iran....[more]


+++ AWARD +++ Linus Büttner - Main-Campus Scholarship of the Polytechnic Society Foundation

Linus Büttner, Master student of International Management (Managerial Economics & Marketing Analytics), former Student Assistant at the Chair of Innovation and Entrepreneurship with focus on Japan/East Asia, and a prospective PhD candidate, obtained a Main-Campus Scholarship of the Polytechnic Society Foundation.[more]