Participation in recent collaborative BMBF projects


Cornelia Storz, Chair of the Study of Economic Institutions, Innovation, and East Asia Development paticipates in two BMBF collaborative projects. In the project „CEDITRAA“ - Cultural Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation in Africa and Asia (2021-24, approx. 2.1 million euros) and in the project „European firms‘ collaboration with Chinese universities: Forms and Effects“ (2021-24, about 450K euros).

Cornelia Storz is co-spokesperson and PI in the CEDITRAA project. The collaborative project brings together an interdisciplinary team from the Regional Study Centers of the Rhein-Main University Network consisting of management scholars, cultural anthropologists, Africanists, Koreanists, Sinologists, and film and media scholars. With a focus on digital transformation, the project examines resources, creative processes and infrastructures, legal frameworks, archiving and distribution, and reception.

The sub-project of Cornelia Storz and Egbert Amoncio deals with the question of how digitalization creates forms, formats and content and thus also the strategies for creating the uniqueness of film products by Korean producers.

Press release of Goethe University (availble in German only): Wie die Digitalisierung die weltweite Kulturproduktion aufmischt – Aktuelles aus der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt (


The project „European firms‘ collaboration with Chinese universities: Forms and Effects“ deals with the cooperation of European companies with Chinese universities and aims to look at the collaboration of European companies with Chinese elite universities. In particular, the project focuses on the identification of forms of collaboration between Chines elite univeristy and European firms, the effects of this collaboration and the conditions under which more legitimacy and innovation can be achieved.

Further information on the research projects of the chair can be found here.