Completed Master Theses


• A Review on Financial Literacy

• Effects of Personal Networks of Top Management Teams on Innovation in China

• Impacts of university and industry collaboration on SMEs innovation: Evidences from Industrial SMEs in China

• Innovation in Video Games: A Textual Analysis of Video Game Reviewers

• Lohnungleichheit: Technologie-induzierter Arbeitsmarktwandel und Job-Polarisation im Kontext des 'Varieties of Capitalism' - Ein Vergleich zwischen Deutschland und den Vereinigten Staaten

• Survey Design: Innovative Business Models in the Digital Economy

• Role of Paterns as Signals for Investors: Evidence from Initial Public Offerings in Patent-Intensive Industries in the U.S.

• The Nature of Innovation: A Python-based Text Analysis of Selected Video Games


Modern East Asian Studies (MEAS):

An analysis of business reports - Do translations change the content?

Between Imitation and Innovation: An Empirical Analysis of Chinese Patent Collaboration

Capital Markets: Duality, Dynamics and Valuation

Charismatic Leadership. A comparative analysis of Akio Toyoda´s and Elon Musk´s shareholder meetings´speeches

Comparative Leadership in the US and Japan

Conceptual Design for Sensitization in International Cooperation Projects within the Automobile Industry

Conditions for digital industry emergence: a comparative study on online games industzry in China and Canada

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Japan - An analysis of translation differences in selected CSR Reports

CSR in Japan: The influence of the CEO

Culture, (Over-)confidence and entrepreneurial activity

Digital Content Industries. The Role of the State in promoting Innovation

Diversity in work teams in China

Does foreign investment have an effect on Research and Development

Downsizing and Outplacement Practices in Japan - Evidence from Newspaper Articles, 2007 - 2015

Effects of Employee Stock Ownership on Corporate Performance and Wages

Energy Challenges in Japan – Liberalization of the Electricity Market as a possible Solution?

Female Empowerment and Welfare of Daughters - The Role of Land Ownership and inheritance

Financing of Startups in Japan. Empirical Evidence from Representative Survey Data

Focusing the Poor: A Critical Analysis of Existing Targeting Tools for Microfinance Institutions in the People´s Republic of China

Infrastructure & Economic Performance. An empirical review on how infrastructure affects economic performance

• Is there a link between gender diversity in top management teams and firm performance?

Innovation Framework and Economic Development in China and Brazil

Job Satisfaction - An Econometric Analysis based on the Japanese General Social Survey 2010

Labor market mobility and innovation - A methodological review of the literature

• Market entry decisions of service firms: the case of the Japanese Anime industry

• Measuring Product Dimensions in Video Games - an Automated Text Analysis Approach

Media coverage on renewable energy development in Japan before and after 11 March 2011: the cost issue

Mid-Career Changers in Japan - Motivation to Change Jobs and Effects on the Labor Market

Potentials and Barriers for the Expansion of Renewable Energy in India and Indonesia

Shadow Banking in China: How Informal financial institutions act in Institutional Voids ans enable Market Functioning for Private Entrepreneurs

Subsidiary staffing policy in Japanese and Korean multinational corporations: Agency and resource dependence perspective

• The Competitiveness of E-Sports in Japan

The informal economy in North Korea. Trends in the academic research



Eine Überprüfung des "Varieties of Capitalism"-Ansatzes am beispiel der japanischen Biotechnologieindustrie