Applied Microeconomics and Organization Seminar of Goethe University and Frankfurt School

Wednesday, 17h c.t., Room RuW 4.201

Contact: Michael Kosfeld, kosfeld[at]econ.uni-frankfurt[dot]de

Date Speaker Topic
29 May 2019 Ingo Isphording (IZA Institute of Labor Economics) The Value of a Peer
05 Jun 2019 Gérard Roland (University of California Berkeley) The deep historical roots of modern culture: A comparative perspective.
06 Jun 2019 Kathryn Shaw (Standford University) Spurring Serious Small-scale Entrepreneurship: A Policy Experiment to Lower Entry Costs (12:30 -13:45)
12 Jun 2019 Kristina McElheran (University of Toronto) Data-Driven Decision Making, Predictive Analytics, and Management Practices in U.S. Manufacturing
18 Jun 2019 Lena Edlund (Columbia University) It's the Phone, Stupid: Mobiles and Murder (Tuesday, 12:15 -13:30)
19 Jun 2019 Robert Metcalfe (Boston University) The Deadweight Loss of Social Recognition
26 Jun 2019 Daniel Garrett (Toulouse School of Economics) TBA
02 Jul 2019 Thomaz Teodorovicz (Insper Institute of Education and Research, Sao Paulo) TBA (12:15 -13:30)
03 Jul 2019 Ricardo Perez-Truglia (UCLA, University of California) How Much Does Your Boss Make? The Effects of Salary Comparisons
10 Jul 2019 Aurélien Baillon (Erasmus University Rotterdam) TBA
13 Nov 2019 Xiaolan Fu (University of Oxford China Centre, UK) TBA (17:00 -17:45)
13 Nov 2019 Kazuyuki Motohashi (University of Tokyo, Japan) TBA (17:45 -18:30)
14 Nov 2019 Daniel Armanios (Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, USA) TBA (12:30 - 13:30)