DMV-ifo Marketing Barometer October 2020

Indicators for the marketing industry are settling at a lower level than before the crisis.

In October 2020, the DMV-ifo-Marketing Barometer paints a similar picture to that of the past months and changes only slightly compared to the first half of the year. While the three main indicators of the Barometer were at significantly different levels in the months following the corona shock, a slight convergence can now be observed.

The Marketing Business Climate Index rose slightly by 0.5 points in October to an index value of 85.2 points and thus remains in the middle of the assessment of the business situation and business expectations. While the Marketing Business Climate has increased slightly in the current month, the assessment of the overall economy in the ifo Business Climate Index has fallen to 92.7 (-0.5) points, leaving the two indicators only 7.5 points apart. The current business situation in the marketing industry is estimated to be 80.5 points in October, around 3.3 points better than in September, while expectations of the future business situation are assessed at a relatively high level of 90.3 points.
in comparison to the previous month, the indicator decreased by 2.7 points. For the second month in succession, the assessment of the order backlog in the marketing sector rose on balance - in October to -33.6 (+6.8) points. Expectations regarding the number of employees in the coming months rise somewhat more strongly to a balance value of 12.6 (+8.4). Likewise, price expectations on balance increase slightly to a value of 5.0 (+3.6) points. Only the sales expectations of German marketers deteriorated noticeably in October to a balance of 12.2 (-16.5) points.


The complete analysis including charts can be found here. (only available in German)

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