Gender & Diversity Actions

We are glad to see your interest in the topic of gender equality at Faculty 02! Besides the commitment to support women inside university, stated by our Mission Statement, there are other instruments framing the effort towards gender equality.



The "Gender Equality & Diversity Action Plan" (GEDAP, in short) is regularly revised and updated by all faculties of the Goethe University Frankfurt, together with the central Equal Opportunity Office. Finally, it is evaluated by the Senate. The GEDAP allows not only to analyze the current situation and the development of the number of women at the University, it also contains planned and existing gender equality measures at Faculty 02. You can download the most recent GEDAP here.


Back up care

The Faculty 02 provides its employees with a support for emergency care. With one day-notice, there is the possibility to register for the care of children between 0 and 12 years of age, at the PME Familienservice. Further information can be found on the website of the backup care of PME Familienservice or in this flyer. Please note that children with infectious diseases cannot be cared for!



In addition to the events offered by the Central Equal Opportunities Office, we also organize events for interested female students and employees, such as "Scientific career for women" or "Money Mindset". You can find an overview of the service on our page "Offers GSR".


General recommendations