Interactive online lessons

Since the start of the Corona pandemic, all the language courses in the Economics Language Department have moved online. Zoom, the platform used to conduct the lessons, provides a unique and versatile means to acquire and develop your competencies in the target language. Our online language lessons are structured in such a way that is interactive and facilitate a variety of ways to practice the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) such as:

  • showing and sharing documents or videos;
  • collaborating on a topic using a virtual whiteboard;
  • participating in discussions in small groups;
  • presenting material;
  • taking part in a class poll.

Also, as there is no in-class contact, our trainers can be contacted with any questions you may have and to submit work to.
Due to data security issues, the lessons are not recorded. In the Winter Semester 2020/21, courses at the Economics Language Centre will take place at the times listed in LSF. 
Requirements to take part in a lesson:

  • webcam/ mobile phone
  • microphone
  • strong broadband connection