Foreign Languages for Economists

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The mastery of foreign languages enhances your professional and intercultural opportunities. These capabilities are requirements for leading positions in the private sector and research at international level.
The teachers in the Language Department prepare you for this challenge as well as for a study abroad experience.

We offer courses in the following Business languages:

To ensure a high quality of education, classes are limited to 20 students. Please register well in time to ensure a study place. A graded Language Skills certificate will be issued on successfully passing the course exam.
Language requirements conform with the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

There are two main types of courses:


Levels B1 "Threshold" and B2 "Vantage" are offered in Business English and French. Levels A2 "Waystage" and B1 "Threshold" are offered in Business Spanish.
Furthermore, we offer Chinese courses and an intercultural course "Japan".
Each course consists of 13 double-lesson hours of teaching (with the exception of Business Spanish 1 and Chinese for Economists), which include the final test.

The fee for a complete course is 80 Euros for 13 double-lesson hours of teaching and examining, with the exception of the Business Spanish 1 and the Chinese Basic Courses 1 and 2 (26 double-lesson hours at a charge of 150 Euros).
The fee is to be paid in advance via bank remittance.

Eligible for participation are all students, but students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration have priority in the allocation of study places.
Any vacant places will then be offered to students belonging to other faculties at a course fee. Students from other faculties are allowed to register for these courses one week before courses begin.


These courses are exclusively reserved for students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration who are aiming for the C1 level of "Effective Operational Proficiency" and who already possess a good working knowledge of the business language. A pass in the Qualification Test is vital for entrance to these courses.

For Master students there is a special English for Economists course, for which a very high level of English-language ability as well as a knowledge of economic terminology is essential.

Table of Courses Offered in WS 2019/20

The Common European Framework for Languages