Foreign Languages - Certification



For each passed examination, students will receive a graded "Sprachzertifikat". This language certificate will be issued in both English and German. It will also indicate the attained language level, according to the Common European Reference Framework.

Language certificates can be collected at SIXX-Info Center as from one to two months after passing examinations.The certificates of the 4 last semesters can also be picked up there.

SSIX-Info Center: RuW 1.203, Tel. 069-798-7749, e-mail


Courses for all students: 90-minute final examination. Some courses include an oral presentation, which could make up to 20 % of your final grade. No credit points will be distributed for theses courses, which conforms to the examination regulations of the Faculty.

Creidt point courses: Bachelor students in their study year of consolidation and specialization (Vertiefungs- und Spezialisierungsjahr) can choose electives from Business languages within the framework of the interdisciplinary study component. Testing is composed of two elements: a final examination (80% of the grade) and an oral presentation (20% of the grade) in the respective foreign language. If the student successfully completes these requirements, he or she will receive 5 credit points (CP). Students can only obtain credit for a maximum of 3 specialization courses in business languages (for more information, please refer to the examination regulations "Prüfungsordnung").