Chinese for Economists

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration along with the conceptual support and guidance from the Sinology Faculty is offering Business Chinese.

The program consists of 4 courses. The Introduction course is aimed towards beginners with no previous knowledges of Chinese.

The program includes Levels A1 (Chinese for Beginners) and A2 (Chinese for Economists), according to the Common European Framework of References for Languages. After completing the whole program, Level B1 in speaking Chinese should be attained.

Number of participants: The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 20 in all courses.

Certificate: Participants will be issued a certificate for each successfully completed course. 

Students with previously acquired knowledges in Chinese may register in a class with upper level. Should you need information or help, please contact us here: E-mail

Course fees will be charged and the courses offered only when there are enough enrolled participants. The two basic courses take place twice a week (26 double-lesson hours including the written examination) and cost 150 euros each and the 2 courses of Chinese for Economists take place only once a week (13 double-lesson hours including the written examination) and cost 80 euros each.

Course Contents


Furthermore, there is the possibility to take the official exam for the Chinese language (HSK-Exams). More information at the Konfucius Institut Frankfurt.

Time Requirements

Regular and active participation is required to successfully complete the course.

The course requires two hours of preparation. Depending on the individual, midterm and final exams require additional preparation time. For successful completion of each course, regular attendance and active participation is required.

Characters/Hanyu Pinyin

The official Chinese transcription in Latin alphabet (Hanyu Pinyin) will be used along with the Chinese characters. This allows the students to complete the course at all levels as well as in their studies, profession and research.

Building upon the material presented in class, independent learning will be advanced through the usage of electronic media, software and the Internet.


These courses may be attended by Bachelor students of Economics, Business Administration or Business Education or Master students. Students belonging to other faculties may one week before courses begin also register for these courses if vacant places are still available.