English for Economists

The Faculty of Economics & Business offers Bachelor students a large variety of courses in English for Economists. These courses are based on the Common European Reference Framework for Languages and are entitled: Introduction courses (Target level B1.2), Intermediate courses (Target level B2.1) and Upper Intermediate courses (Target level B2.2). Awarding credit points are Credit-Point Courses A, B, C, and D (Target level C1.1), and, exclusively for Master students, a course entitled: Master's Course for Economists (Target level C1.2). Here, a table outlining all English for Economists course together with their competence levels can be viewed. All courses are held by native speakers of English with many years of teaching experience. 

Number of participants: The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 20 in all courses.

To determine one's level of competence, students can register for the self-test placement test in OLAT

Three levels: Introduction - Intermediate - Upper Intermediate
These courses are available at any stage both to Bachelor students as well as to students in the Diploma and Master courses of study in Economics or Business Education. They offer instruction for students in the fundamentals of economics including economic theory, in particular in those courses with an onus on topics in Business Administration.
Students from other departments may only be allocated any remaining seats one week before all courses begin.

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These courses are exclusively for students matriculated in Fachbereich 02 and presuppose a profound knowledge of economic fundamentals and proceed with an analysis of specific economic topics and theories. At the same time, these courses enable students to learn, comprehend and consolidate all relevant economic vocabulary. Entry to these Credit-Point courses is by means of a pass grade in the Bachelor Qualifying Test, always held in the first week of a semester. This test is obligatory for every student interested in registering for a Credit-Point course. See Sample Bachelor Qualifying Test for more details about the design of the Bachelor Qualifying Test.

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The Master's Course for Economists is offered exclusively for Master students every semester. The following Master students are entitled to attend this course: students enrolled in one of our Master study programmes whereby the teaching language is German, in Master of Economic Informatics, and in Master of Business Education study programmes.

Entry to the Master's Course is by means of a pass grade in the Master's Qualifying Test. The Master's Qualifying Test is held in the first week of a semester. See Sample Master Qualifying Test for more details about the design of the Master Qualifying Test.

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Overview of the complete programme English for Economists. Information as to classroom numbers including any room changes can be found in LSF!

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