Examining Procedures

Examining Procedures

The examining procedures consist of a 90-minute written examination based on both the course material and exercises done and discussed in class including the consolidation exercises assigned for homework and monitored in class.

Written examination: This is always held at the end of the course in the last week of the lecture time, i.e. from 10 to 14 February 2020 for the Winter Semester 2019/20 consisting of four sections:

  • Grammar
  • Questions on course content
  • Reading passage with questions on content and lexis
  • Essay or short opinion

No dictionaries or aids of any kind are allowed to be used in the written examination.

Final language certificate: For passing the final examinations a graded certificate is awarded, also certifying which competence level has been achieved. This certificate can be collected from SSIX Info Center. The certified competence levels correspond to the Common European Reference Framework for Languages.  

According to the Study and Examination Regulations, no credit points are awarded for the groups of courses entitled Introduction, Intermediate or Upper Intermediate in the English for Economists programme.