Credit-Point Courses A - D


  1. Bachelor students in their study year of consolidation and specialization (s. PO §8),
  2. Online registration for the chosen course during the stipulated registration time (30.09.2019 until 11.10.2019).  After the online registration for English for Economists Credit-Point Courses has ended, a later e-mail registration is only possible for students of our Faculty who have in the past already successfully completed one of our English for Economists Credit-Point Courses, and, of course, if there are any vacant places available on these courses,
  3. A pass in the Bachelor Qualifying Test to be held on 14 October 2019 from 14:00-16:00, or a pass grade in the final examinations of a previous Bachelor Credit-Point Course in English for Economists.

According to the Common European Reference Framework on Languages, the target of this course corresponds to level C1.1


Monday, 14.10.2019 from 2 - 4pm.

DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: Friday, 11.10.2019 at 12 noon.


  • Grammar exercises
  • Reading passages with exercises on lexis and comprehension
  • Short essay in English on an economic topic

All QT candidates will be notified via e-mail of the result of their Qualifying Test.

You will find here a model Bachelor Qualifying Test: Sample Bachelor Qualifying Test.


EBCA Credit-Point Course A: Artificial Intelligence, Marburger
Tues. 09.45 - 12.00, beginning 22.10.2019. For room number, see LSF

EBCB Credit-Point Course B: Marketing, Birbeck
Mo. 09.45 - 12.00, beginning 21.10.2019. For room number, see LSF

EBCC Credit-Point Course C: The Entrepreneur, Birbeck
Mo. 14:00 - 16.15, beginning 21.10.2019. For room number, see LSF

EBCD Credit-Point Course D: Banking & Finance Issues, Marburger
Tues. 14:00 - 16.15, beginning 22.10.2019. For room number, see LSF

Obligatory online registration