Content of Course A

EBCA:  English for Economists Wahlpflichtmodulkurs A    

Course title:  Artificial Intelligence and how it is transforming the economy


Registered students are expected to attend class regularly and to participate actively, for only in this way can a foreign language be learnt effectively. Advanced remedial grammar components will be "built in" and explained directly and graphically. Writing exercises will focus on precision, vocabulary extension and appropriate means of expression - all skills necessary for writing an academic essay.


This course discusses what AI is, the risks and opportunities it poses, how it is reshaping the economy as well as various applications of AI. Participants will be given an opportunity to hold PowerPoint presentations and formulate their own opinions. Moreover, students will be encouraged to actively participate by means of individual contributions, in pair work, in small group and plenary activities.

The course is designed to culminate in a compact study package, which will be the basis of the written and oral examinations at the end of the term.


Topics: Big data; Knowledge Management; Industry 4.0; AI and Healthcare; AI and Asset Management; Self-driving cars; Drones; Crypto Currencies & Blockchain Technology; Digitalisation; The Future of Jobs; Universal Basic Income


Obligatory online registration