Master's Course for Economists

The Master's Course in English for Economists is exclusively for Master students matriculated in a German-language Master's study course in our faculty and is offered every semester. The following Master students are entitled to take part in this course:

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master in Economics Informatics
  • Master of Business Pedagogics: Students who are matriculated from the Winter Semester 2014-15 and are studying according to the new examination regulations may have this course recognised as part of their compulsory module within the framework as a course which is to be chosen from the Master's programme in Business Administration.

      Admission to the Master's Course is by means of a pass mark in the Master-Qualifying Test. The Master-Qualifying Test always takes place at the beginning of the semester, only once per semester and always in the first week of the lecture time. A model Master-Qualifying Test can be downloaded any time via: Sample Master-Qualifying Test.

      The Master-Qualifying Test takes place on Thursday, 17.10.2019 from 2 to 4 pm.
      There is no second or repeat date for this Test.

      The registration to the Master's Course and the Master-Qualifying Test can only be done online. The online registration (30.09.2019 until 16.10.2019).

      At the time of the Master-Qualifying Test on 17.10.2019 all registered students must present their valid Goethe card. A confirmation of registration as well as the room number for the Qualifying Test will be e-mailed to all candidates registered for it online and invited to attend the QT.


      EEMC English for Economists: Master's Course 

      Thursday, 2 - 4pm, beginning 24.10.2019 (For classroom see LSF)

      Docent: Joanne Glen

      Content: The aim of this Master's Course is to bring the language competence of all participants to an extremely high level (i. e. C1.2, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Great emphasis will be laid on perfecting speaking and writing skills through presentations, discussions, role-plays and case studies based on current teaching materials from the area of economics and business administration.

      Participants will have ample opportunity to take an active role through working in pairs, small groups and in the form of plenary discussions. A greater understanding of grammar will be achieved by monitoring and discussing oral and written exercises.

      Topics: The EU's Economic Challenges, Brexit, Artificial Intelligence, the on-demand economy.

      Teaching materials: These will either be distributed during class and/or sent to all participants via e-mail.

      Examination modi: Oral and written examinations (90 minutes) take place at the end of the lecture time, i.e. on 06.02.2020 the oral examination, and on 13.02.2020 the written examination. These dates are final. There is no second or repeat examination dates.

      No aids of any kind such as dictionaries are allowed at either of these examinations.

      All participants are required to write a home assignment of 1,000 words and to hand it in by 30.01.2020 in class.

      Credit points: All successful participants will receive 6 credit points for completing the Master's Course: English for Economists.

      For successfully completing the course an internal language competence C1.2 certificate will be issued. This will contain all points gained in each examination achievement including the final grade. It can be collected from SSIX Info Center.

      obligatorary online registration