French for Economists

Four courses are available to students studying Business Administration and Economics. They include Levels B1 (introductory courses), B2 (intermediate and advanced courses) and C1 "effective operational proficiency" (modular elective courses) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Number of participants: The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 20 in all courses.

If you would like an assessment of your current level of French language ability, you may try the placement test available on the e-learning platform OLAT.

Placement test French.

There are two types of courses:

Three levels: Introduction - Intermediate - Upper Intermediate
These courses are available at any stage both to Bachelor students as well as to students in the Diploma and Master courses of study in Economics or Business Education.
Students from other departments may only be allocated any remaining seats one week before all courses begin.
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These courses are available to Bachelor students studying Business Administration and Economics with completed "Orientierungsabschnitt" (Orientation Year) as well as to Wirtschaftspädagogik (Business Education) and, moreover, to Master students studying Wirtschaftspädagogik.

Students are expected to already possess a very good knowledge of French as well as the respective economic terminology.

A Qualifying Test takes place during the first week of the semester. It is obligatory for students who have not already succesfully passed a credit-point course in a previous semester. They can register for this test via the obligatory online registration. See Sample Qualifying Test for more details about the design of the Qualifying Test.
Please pay attention to the registration deadline!
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