Registration to the Credit-Points Courses

Registration Summer Semester:
30.09.2019 until respective deadlines


  • EBCA, EBCB, EBCC, EBCD: 11.10.2019 at 12 noon
  • FBCB: 15.10.2019 at 12 noon
  • SBCC: 14.10.2019 at 12 noon
  • EEMC: 16.10.2019 at 12 noon

Registrations will be on a first come first served basis.

In the registration period, please find at the bottom of this page the link to the registration form.


The following students may register for the Credit-Point courses in English for Economists, French for Economists and Spanish for Economists:

  • Bachelor students matriculated in Faculty 02 studying Economics & Business Administration (BSc in Economics & Business Administration) with completed "Orientierungsabschnitt"
  • Bachelor students matriculated  in Faculty 02 studying Business Education (BSc in Business Education), with completed "Orientierungsabschnitt" and with the Study Specialisation II (Studienrichtung II) provided the language of the selected course belongs to the “general” list of subjects of study.

The following students may register for the Master’s Course in English for Economists:

  • Master of Management and Business Administration
  • Master of Business Informatics
  • Master of Business Pedagogics: Students who are matriculated from the Winter Semester 2014-15 and are studying according to the new examination regulations may have this course recognised as part of their compulsory module within the framework as a course which is to be chosen from the Master's programme in Business Administration.

All these courses require a very good working knowledge of the language (minimum B2.2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) as well as a knowledge of economic terminology.

The Qualifying Test for each language takes place just once per semester; there is no possibility to take it at a later date or at any other time.

Your registration will only be confirmed after you have passed the Qualifying Test.


  • Registration to all Credit Point courses by means of the online registration system is obligatory. 
  • With the online registration, you must upload your valid "Studienbescheinigung" (study certificate). You can download it via the website of the University's Data-Processing Center (Hochschulrechenzentrum) by using your HRZ-password and your iTAN-list.
  • No special, additional registration is required for the Qualifying Test: You will be automatically registered for the test provided that you have indicated that you have not already successfully completed a credit-point course for the language course for which you have registered.
  • A confirmation of registration as well as the room number for the Qualifying Test will be e-mailed to you after you have registered for it. Please inform us if you don't receive this confirmation..
  • The online registration will be closed by the indicated deadline. A later e-mail registration is then only possible for students of our Faculty who have already successfully completed a Credit-Point Course in the chosen language, and, of course, if there are any vacant places still available in the chosen course. For the Master's Course for Economists there is no possibility to register once the online registration has been closed.